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This is a mirror for Lionchilde's LJ, which may, if LJ continues to suck, become Lionchilde's main blog.

This post is pinned. Scroll down to view updates on my fiction, graphic art endeavors, occasional rambles, and (very rarely) my personal life.

You can also find a lot of this information on my sidebar, but not all because I like to keep it somewhat cohesive and simple to navigate. Since my profile page is a bit...shall we say...eccentric in style, I decided to make a post that might give people a hint about what actually goes on here and where to find the important stuff. Or possibly to run away. This is your last warning. Mwhahahahaha.

Currently, my layout is by [ profile] fruitstyle. The header is by me. If you don't know what the text refers to, you probably don't want to hear the long explantion.

Council Law
This journal is governed by The Evil Genius Council and does not conform to the normal rules of society, the internet, or the universe. Council Law is as follows.

Respect others and respect yourself. If you cannot disagree without being rude, don't post a comment.

COMMENT if you download or read something. It helps us know what is of interest to you. It's not necessary to comment on every post, but an occassional "Hey, nice set of updates" is appreciated.

Visit [ profile] so_out_of_icons to view Lionchilde's graphics that are for use by other users. This journal was created for me to monitor my own growth and there are older posts here that I would prefer people not to snag from.

DO NOT re-upload Aruna7's fanvids to YouTube. Epecially do not re-edit her openings and call them your work.

DO NOT post Lionchilde's graphics as your own. People will know anyway and you will be mocked mercilessly.

There will be no fandom bashing.
Similarly, ABSOLUTELY NO Lucas bashing. We don't always agree with his decisions, but Star Wars is his baby. If you don't like his decisions or his direction, make up your own universe and film your own movies.

You were a newbie once too. No matter how much you know about your fandom, there will be someone somewhere who knows more than you.

Violations of Council Law are punishable by frying pan and mockery.
Other Important Posts
A list of key posts which will guide you on the path to insanity. Some are on my personal journal; others are on my communities I run (or co-run).

Ships List
Tunes List
Writing Schedule
Awesome fictional characters list: Female|Male
Index of completed fanfiction claims: 2007|2008
Daniel/Vala Fanfiction Index
One Path
Land and Sky
The Other Me
Vader's Cat
[ profile] aruna7 (French side of the Evil Genius Council)

This list will be updated as needed.
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