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Index of Completed Fanfiction Claims

Housekeeping post. All of my outstanding fanfiction claims are now complete (Go me.)

I've decided to make a single index post instead of different ones for each year because it's easier for me to see if there are links instead of just the collected prompts.

I don't know if I'll be making new fanfic claims this year or not; original project is taking priority right now.

These links are to the claim tables. Don't try to read the fics in the order they appear on the tables. Most of them are chapters from larger works. Use the tags or links in my profiles.


[ profile] fic101 Daniel Jackson
[ profile] sg_15_fics Daniel Jackson
10hugs. It's gone now. Cam/Carolyn

[ profile] 12_stories Character: Padme Amidala
[ profile] 12_stories Character: Owen Kenobi
[ profile] fic101 Star Wars General Series

[ profile] fanfic100 Star Wars General Series
There was a comm I did 3 claims for between 07-09 and it's gone now. I can't remember the official name, but the goal was a 20k story, no prompts, claim character, fandom, or couple. Did it on One Path.






[ profile] 100colors Star Wars: General Series