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So, I've been putting a ton of work into Bloodkin's worldbuilding and backstory lately. I ran into some problems and have had to sort things out, which is why there haven't been many updates recently, either for Bloodkin or for any of my fanfic projects. I was discussing this with a friend of mine, and he asked if I could just sort of take the material I have and "make a finished novel out of it." I guess I might be able to do that if I wanted to cobble together a half-baked vampire novel that doesn't mean anything. He just really wants me to publish. I share the sentiment. In fact, with the vast overabundance of vampire stuff out there right now, I've thought about focusing on other projects for a while. (No, not abandoning Bloodkin; I'd die first. But there are a million vampire stories on the market right now, and I have other stories that might be less likely to get lost in the avalanche of fanged critter stories.)

Whatever I decide on that score, I can say that the one thing I WON'T do is try to take what I have and slap it together into something marketable just for the sake of having a published novel. It wouldn't work even if I TRIED it anyway. Part of the problem is that I know more about the characters and the world in which they live than anyone else will ever see. Part of the problem is that, as hard as I try, I simply can't work chronologically and there are times when I HAVE to work with characters or themes that don't enter the plot until points in the future that readers won't be able to quite follow based on what's happened chronologically. The majority of the problem is that, somehow in the last three years I've gone from writing "a vampire story" to writing the most important story I'll ever tell, and I didn't even realize that until I tried to put Bloodkin into words for someone else.

So I was trying to explain to my friend that I can't just grab what I have and mash it together into a marketable book. It doesn't work that way because the majority of what I have in any intelligent written form is the stuff that NOBODY is meant to see. The background stuff is for me to know and helps me frame the story and present the world to the reader, but it's the stuff that makes a rich world, not the stuff that makes a compelling story. The scenes are for me to get to know the characters better and may or may not ever be used. So I told him something to the effect of, "This isn't like a romance novel with vampires or something. It's not about 'the love of the woman saves the man who doesn't think he can be saved.'" This is like The Lord of the Rings of vampire novels. Everything in it is symbolic of something else. Every relationship in it is symbolic of something metaphysical. This is everything I believe, and everything that's important to me, and everything I will ever be able to say that matters. It's the most important thing I will ever do because it's the one thing that I can do for God that nobody else can." And then I went O.O "SHIT."

I didn't set out to write something that significant. I just wanted to tell a story about characters I loved. I don't make up characters with the intent that they represent things or send messages. If I started a story with that kind of intent I can guarantee it wouldn't work. If I had sat down and said "Oh, I'll write a big complex work with a bunch of symbolism in every relationship and characters who look like the absolute opposite of what they MEAN," it would have been garbage. And I don't know how "important" it actually is, but it's really the most important thing that *I* will ever accomplish, for whatever that's worth. If I don't do it right, I might as well not do it at all.

That's not to say I'll never write anything else. Obviously I will, and I would hope that all of my projects say something relevant and meaningful. It's just that I've suddenly realized that however it's received and whatever it says, Bloodkin is what I'm here to accomplish, however long it takes.

That's both disturbing and a relief. On the one hand, I've spent a considerable portion of the last ten years basically going, "Okay, God. WHAT is it that you want me to do?" Everything I've tried to do, every path I've tried to pursue, even when I thought I was doing what HE wanted has been roadblocked. So, it's like "Wow. So you mean BLOODKIN is the point?" On the other hand it's like "Um...Bloodkin is...the point...?"

Not sure what I really think of that. I love and hate Bloodkin in equal measures most of the time, so I guess that's good indication. *shakes head* Anyway.

On a separate but related note, I think I understand why Darius is so compelling to me now. He's me. In a completely different way than any of the other ones are me. I mean...they're all me in one way or another. Some of them are me in very obvious ways. Bethany is the modern woman, Nilla is the figher, Steve is the wounded healer, the boys are the parts of me that want to stay young but want to be more at the same time...I could go on. But Darius is ME. Gurad takes turns in Bloodkin representing different aspects of the relationship between Christ and man. He's very obviously fallen man in need of redemption. That's the place Bloodkin started, really. At other times, he can be the lover to the beloved; the lion who defends, etc. But with Darius, it's always one thing. The lost child. That's all he ever is, even after redemption because it's about the lost child and the parent who does anything to win him back, and then it's about the lost child learning to different but always BEING the lost child who is conscious of the unmerited favor of the father.

Seems to be the weekend for writer-epiphanies or something...
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I'm currently going through a minor obsession with Gurad's First Line. A couple of wallpapers.

-MS as Gurad
-Russell Crowe as Darius
-Winona Ryder as Andy
-Kate Beckinsale as Jill

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

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Okay, Steve's interview format is a little different.

One, there are more questions. I made some up since I wanted things that focused more on the family dynamics and his views of parenting, then I found some really interesting complex ones that he hated online. I'll have to go back and ask Gurad those later.

The problem with Steve is that he doesn't like to talk about himself. Like at ALL. So, in order to get him to cooperate, [ profile] cha_aka volunteered to have one of her characters do the interviewing. Steve and Calvin have a unique relationship that would take far too long to explain.

Why I love Steve Riley in 100 questions or less )
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I have bunches of criteria for character development, but I liked this idea because not only is the number of questions comprehensive, but it allows for characters to answer instead of me having to do all the work. I found them here

I've been doing them for Bloodkin for a while and I decided to actually finish and post Gurad's this morning if anybody wants a laugh.
Why I Love Gurad Fayne in 100 questions or less )
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As the title says. Worldbuilding stuff.

These are both illustrations of the same moment in time, done to illustrate the way the timestream of Bloodkin's reality works.

The first is a close up picture of the timestream, showing how a single decision affects the timestream itself. The blue stuff in the middle area of the picture is the timestream. Time is fluid in Bloodkin; past, present and future co-exist in the stream. (Linear views of time are typical of humans, of course, since we can only see one moment at a time, but they're incomplete.) Present is the center part of the stream. Past and future are flowing around the sides, which means that there are multiple currents in the stream at once. It's very turbulent, hard to navigate, and hard to "see" through.

The top left represents the multiple avenues of decision and possibility that could lead to this particular moment (a point of divergence. Different possible outcomes of that decision are manifested in different universes. Not every universe is affected or has the relevant moment, depending on previous events.)

The bottom square of arrow things on the other side of the timestream represents the branching possibilites of future events resultant from this particular decision.

The blue stuff that stretches out from the timestream over the rest of the picture represents how time travel can occur. Those are probability currents. Travelling through time in your own universe means staying in a particular probability current, which is actually the easiest thing to do. Getting to alternate 'verses requires a way of moving from one probability current to another.

The picture gets darker as you move away from the stream because that's the more distant past or future, which is difficult to see/remember/travel to. Probability currents may not stretch that far, and if they do, they're weak.

The second picture is an overview of time as a whole, and it's shown affecting two possible realities. The timestream encircles reality, with tributaries and various flows of energy spreading from it into particular universes that are affected by this decisiosn.

There are three "layers" on the oval because I couldn't find another way of depicting the past present and future. Time moves clockwise outward from God and loops back to him, but this is not a cyclical time dynamic. It gets back to him when time is finished, not so that it can start repeating itself in funky new ways.

The event is pinpointed by the glowy stuff in the middle of the image. I'm not entirely satified with the way this wole picture looks, but it does get the point across, I think. So that's that.

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

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Free Image Hosting at

For anyone interested, I made this illustration of the "reality" in which the universes of my fiction exist. Reality is actually shaped like an egg; this is a cross-section because I couldn't figure out how to do layers of multicolored stuff on a 3D sphere or elipse or whatever it is.

Each item labeled a "verse" is a universe. Universes exist within the larger shell of reality. Regions like heaven, the aether region, nether region, and hell are present and relevant to more than one universe, so they comprise the layers of the shell, or layers of reality. Hell, however, is less part of the shell than something that exists at the edges of reality, because ultimately hell will simply cease to be.

This is fiction, of course. I have no way of knowing what the nature of reality is, and I don't claim to. This model just happens to fit with what I need for my story. I'm also going to figure out how time operates within this framework, but that will be a separate diagram. I didn't want to blow anybody's brain up, including mine.
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I'm moving my Bloodkin graphics over to my graphics comm. Unfortunately, I only have textless versions for the Nathaniel (Hugh Jackman) one. Still nice to look at even if you don't follow my original work. =D
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Update Notices


Stuff related to Bloodkin is now linked here

Check out This Post if you care what Bloodkin is.

There is a new One Path chapter up on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

Title: One Path
Chapter Title: Chapter 156
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: The future of the Jedi Order hinges on decisions made now.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/General
Pairings/Characters: Kenobis; lots of em.
A/N:Takes place during an alternate The Empire Strikes Back. Written for [ profile] fic101: Prompt #20: Brother; [ profile] mission_insane Unthemed Table 5 #6 Breathless


This will be the last update until Aruna is back online.

I've decided that link tables for icon posts take too long given current time constraints. I might start doing them again this summer. Of course I still have to break my icons into multiple posts by episode, so I'm going to list them by episode name. Apologies to anyone who isn't familiar with the ep names. It's the only practical way I can think of.

Posts contain an average of 160 icons apiece

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Q Who
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All Our Yesterdays
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Other stuff

Reading committee now consists of:

[ profile] nekkidchick who doesn't have to read it but is on the list in case she wants to since she's been reading my stuff since the stone age. :P
[ profile] aruna7
[ profile] ladybeth
[ profile] thrace_adams
[ profile] cha_aka
[ profile] literarylitany
[ profile] nicole9514
[ profile] alterangirl
[ profile] stargatefangirl
[ profile] lucil_luzzu
[ profile] nrgbunny
[ profile] polgarawolf
[ profile] texasgent
[ profile] janetlin
[ profile] profsilverback
[ profile] telana_kiarr
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I was just working on One Path and dozed off. As I did, I randomly "saw" the Fayne family portrait. Don't ask me how working on One Path induces the Fayne family portrait, but it did. It was there in amazing clarity, and I've never even thought of a family portrait before. It's not something I could do as a manip because I lack the images, and I lack the raw drawing ability necessary to do realistic portraits. *cries*

Beth was wearing this low-necked, flowy blue dress, and you could totally see how the blood necklace stood out at the collar. She was sitting in some high-backed, brownish-red leather chair that I've never seen, but is apparently now going to exist in the living room. Gurad was wearing the typical suit and tie one might expect of him, kneeling on one knee next to her. Steve and Nilla were like right behind Gurad, dressed in hunting gear (yes, they would be geared up for a portrait. *eyeroll @ Nilla*) Alex, Tommy, Gabriel, Nicholas, Darius and Eve were in this kind of semi-circle that went around the back of the chair, with Cass and Ben ending up on the opposite side from Steve and Nilla. Willie, Andy, and Cole were kind of flanking the chair on that side, and then Tom (with crossbow) and the rest of the Young Bloods were on the other side. Kneeling on the floor in front of Gurad and Beth you had Summer, Alayna, Tara, and the Dudes. (It occurs to me that probably ONE person knows who the Dudes and Young Bloods are...oh well.) Then One Eye, Striker, and Matt were all laying on the floor in Wolf form, like a bunch of family pets or something. Okay, that part was slightly strange, but remember, I saw this in my sleep. I think the only person missing was Sandra, probably because my poor subconscious just couldn't figure out how to fit that many people in there.

I realize I'm probably the only one who understands why this is so awesome...but I'm still like O.O So, I think we can consider that picture to be hanging in the living room of the Faynes' house during latter-end books. =D
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Was going to make Highlander icons, got bored waiting for caps to download, and started thinking.
This is really for anyone, but those of you who have read Bloodkin may want to take particular note, since you actually know these characters, at least a bit.

As some of you are already aware, Gurad, Steve and One Eye have a band. It's (mostly) a garage band, and they (mostly) do cover songs. Brain has decided that they need to do an album. Of course with the amount of music I have, it's pretty much impossible for me to pick like 10 or 15 songs that they would put on it.

This is further complicated by the vast age of the characters and rather ecclectic musical tastes. The biggest case in point is that two of Steve's favorite songs are "Awesome God" and "Cocaine." Anyone think that would be too weird of a combination to have on the same CD?

Also, would anyone besides [ profile] aruna7 and [ profile] cha_aka be interested in at least those portions of the Bloodkin playlist that are not weird instrumental and/or local music that nobody else would recognize?
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Okay. Some of you may have read my recent posts in reference to the original novel series that I began last year called Bloodkin. Others of you may simply know about it from outside LJ. It's the story of a vampire named Gurad Fayne, his family, friends, and ultimately (one hopes) the story of how redemption lands on his head and knocks him unconscious.

Anyway. Last week, I finally finished getting all the major plot points in order for the re-write of the entire thing from scratch. After Christmas, I plan to begin working on the Bloodkin Outline v 3.0. (already outlined it twice...which might be a slight indication of how problematic this story has been from its outset) My goal is to have the outline complete in early February. Starting in late March/April I will be looking for a small committee of individuals willing to read the chapters as I produce them.

I am not asking for a beta, just people who would be willing to read my drafts and assorted ramblings about the process of writing them. I would probably be posting them here for a custom friend's group or something. I have found that an audience is helpful to me in breaking through blocks *cough* Most of the time anyway, so I'm hoping that this will help me avoid some of the pitfalls I fell into with the last version of Bloodkin which tended to stall about once a week. For anyone who hasn't figured this out yet, I am a Christian, and my faith tends to be present in my original work, so the story deals with themes of grace and redemption in a manner consistent with my belief system. If that will bother/offend you, please don't feel obligated to read it. Any takers please comment here so that I can add you to the custom group.


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