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Housekeeping post. All of my outstanding fanfiction claims are now complete (Go me.)

I've decided to make a single index post instead of different ones for each year because it's easier for me to see if there are links instead of just the collected prompts.

I don't know if I'll be making new fanfic claims this year or not; original project is taking priority right now.

These links are to the claim tables. Don't try to read the fics in the order they appear on the tables. Most of them are chapters from larger works. Use the tags or links in my profiles.

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Also. Dreamwidth makes my life so much easier. I just had to say that. I love all my LJ friends, but I seriously do not love LJ.
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Yeah, I know. If you're into Russell Crowe, the current craze is Robin Hood, so of course I'm completely inspired to do something else. I've had a fic idea brewing for some time now, and it won't leave me alone. So, I'm looking for two things:

The first is a beta reader familiar enough with the movie to offer critique on things like characterization and continuity as well as the occasional missing word, grammatical problem, or extra space. The story is going to be a multi-chapter sequel, set roughly 6-7 years after the events in the film, although there will most likely be flashbacks that cover the movie time period as well. There are some gaps I'd like to fill in, since the movie is kind of episodic.

The second is a small group of folks (3-4 people, maybe, including the aforementioned beta reader) who would be willing to preview chapters for me and offer commentary.

My fanfic tends to run long (novel length) and I write in weird spurts: a couple of months on one fic, then off to something else for a while, but if I am committed enough to post, I finish the stories. So, I'm looking for people who are willing to stick with the story for a while and can turn around chapters fairly quickly, otherwise it gets a little overwhelming to post them.
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What is this, the third post this month? Man, I feel like I'm getting back to the swing of things. I can't tell if that's good or bad. *snerk*

It's been a busy month so far. I have some news. First, I'd like to thank everyone who responded to my father/daughter question. I can't promise I'll use everything, but it's all been really helpful to me. Second, in my last post, I mentioned I was thinking about getting a dreamwidth account. I actually did so without deliberating about it for another year. Why? Well, my paid time on LJ is about to run out, so my options were either to renew the paid account or buy a dreamwidth account, so I went with dreamwidth. I'm not jumping ship, but I like it so far. I need an easy way to update/maintain a mirror blog in case of disaster, and the journal import feature is a major plus! I only wish I could import the posts from my icon comm, but oh well. My username is the same there if anyone wants to friend, but either way, I'll continue to crosspost entries on LJ (and on my poor neglected IJ, maybe?).

There are a couple of people on my LJ-flist whose icons I imported. Some people don't like their work being used off LJ--if that's you, please let me know. The userpics I imported are here.

In other news, my brother called me this week and informed me that just about my whole family is on facebook and my mother wanted to know why I didn't have one. So, I'm now also on facebook. Link on the sidebar.

Oh yeah--and speaking of the sidebar, I've done some renovation around here. It took me a long time to make myself do it, but I finally removed the links to all of my old RPG forums. I think the last time I was active in an RP was around 2007, but it was still hard to do. I met so many friends on those boards, and the characters still mean the world to me, but really is time to admit that it's a closed chapter in my life. I just can't post regularly anymore. Maybe that will change again in the future, but for now there's nothing else for it.

In fiction related news, I started posting that Land and Sky story I promised. Thus far, the reaction has been positively underwhelming! *snicker* I've also been working on the outlines for Gemini Tide and Getting It Together this week. I think now have two separate stories that actually are NOT depressing! o_O Something must be wrong with me.

Oh! Oh! I started a Bloodkin vid that I have wanted to do forever but I was missing clips of several characters Took me about two hours to finish the first 28 seconds. >.< Yes, I'm off to a great start. I just love AU vidding. (NOT!)

Tenderness is due from Netflix this afternoon. Stand by for squeeage!
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Title: The Perfect High
Chapter Title: Standalone
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: Just a drabble. Steve's POV.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Monica, post-movie.
A/N: I couldn't get this out of my head. I'm hoping it will make the Breaking Up muse go away until I can finish the SW story I'm trying to write. (Yeah, sure youbetcha!) Also, no, the Central Park scene didn't happen in the movie. It's only in my head, though it will probably be a flashback in my eventual fic project Getting (It) Together.

here on [ profile] so_out_of_fic.
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(Which, honestly, is about 98% of folks on my flist, but anyway...)

All right. This is some story-related research I'm doing. You can give me answers that pertain to yourself, your daughters, nieces, or any other little girl you know well enough.

I have a character with four young children ranging in age from 8 to 18 months when the story starts. Her husband died shortly after she found out about the last pregnancy. All of them are girls, and I think that only the 8-year-old will have any real clear memories of the dad. So, at some point in the story, Mom runs into an old boyfriend of hers who is divorced and also has a daughter--possibly two, I haven't made up my mind yet about *just* how out-numbered I want this poor fellow to be. So, some of the kids are around the same age, and they become friends, which means Mom and Dad have to start interacting a lot.

I'm thinking that most of Mom's kids would start latching onto Dad because they haven't had the experience of a "father-figure" sort of presence in the family. The reverse may also be true for Dad's kid(s), but I'm still working that out.

Anyway, what I am looking for at the moment are examples of things little girls might do specifically with their dads (or in this case dad-figure, since there would need to be an emotional progression involved). It doesn't have to be complicated or an "annual tradition" kind of thing, although I'm fine with those too. What I have in mind is more the kind of every-day stuff that would just start happening naturally over the course of a story. (Without mentioning names, one person recently told me that she used to make her father pretend to be Snow White while she was the witch and killed him with the apple, for example.) As long as it's something that the kid is doing specifically because it's a dad thing as opposed to something she just does with people in general.

Thanks in advance!
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Hello, everyone. Long time no see.

My "hiatus for the summer," which I began on 5-7-09 turned into an almost year-long sabbatical from fandom activities. The only exceptions have been a few fanvids and some graphics here and there. I've been lurking again for about a month, dabbling at fanfics, but I hesitated to make an announcement that I was back, because I didn't know if I could post again, and I didn't want to disappoint readers. I can say now that I have, indeed returned. Look for fic posts later this month. Most of my inspiration is falling in an obscure little movie-verse which, for the moment at any rate, seems to be a fandom of one. I do, however, have a little piece of Star Wars fiction on its way that might make Land and Sky readers happy. The One Path sequel is in its development/note-taking stages, but it's coming along nicely. My ability to write SG-1 is still sketchy at best, but I promise that there will be more in the Rediscovered Hearts universe someday.

My first goal is to finish up with some Star Wars related claims that I've had outstanding since 08. (Yeah, just a little while.) After that, I'll be working on a fic in the aforementioned fandom of one. Original writing is still my priority right now, though, so at best you can expect a fic post twice a month. (Unless of course some completely insane fit of inspiration strikes, which has happened before.)

This is my list of active/semi-active fanfic projects, in order of priority:

Land and Sky: Places Brothers Go (Land and Sky Prequel story, focusing on Obi-Wan.)

Getting (It) Together (Breaking Up Sequel)

Gemini Tide (Crossover fanfic between the movies Proof of Life and No Way Back.)

One Path: The Kenobi Way--Jedi Heritage (One Path, kind of a prologue to The Kenobi Way series, tells the story of how Ani Kenobi became a Jedi Knight.)

Vader's Cat (Vader's continuing adventures as a pet owner)

Rediscovered Hearts: The Price (RH sequel part 1, mostly about Vala and her sisters.)

If the brothers' story doesn't wrap up my claims, Ani will be bumped to the top of the queue when I've finished it. Everything else can be considered on the back burner for now.

I can't promise I'll be very good at reading my flist or commenting to posts for a while. If there's something you want me to see, just drop a comment, IM me or send me an email. :)
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Moved from This information also exists in some form on [ profile] dv_hearts. I'm just trying to keep the poor readers over at the pit from having visit so many places. There's also some new information available to readers here, so if you've followed this series, you may want to take a look.

RH )
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Moved from

An Introduction to Vader's Cat

What can I say? Vader's Cat is an intentionally ridiculous series of vignettes about a cat adopting Darth Vader. It started as a joke between me and my friends, [ profile] aruna7 and [ profile] polgarawolf. Little did we know how much people would enjoy it. Completed works in the series are:

Cracking the Armor
Another Disturbing Crack
Completely Cracked...and the Cat Came Back
Cracking the Death Star
Cracking Imperial Center, or: Cat Goes to Coruscant
Pruneface Cracks, or: Cat vs. Palpatine
Cracking the Dark Lord
Crack to Nature
Cracking His Confidence
A Fleet Full of Crack(pots)
Carbonite Cracks, or: Cat vs. Fett

There will be more. I have to be in the mood for these, and lately I'm just not. Sorry, folks.
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I've been meaning to post to communities and stuff for a while now, but my links tables were horribly outdated and I was just writing so much I didn't want to stop and fix them, so, for anyone who hasn't seen these yet, here is the final set of chapters in One Path. It's been an incredible and epic journey, all the way from TPM to RotJ. To readers familiar with the story, I hope you enjoy the path to Endor. To anyone who hasn't yet discovered this 'verse...well...come on in, there's always room for one more at the Kenobis' table. ;)

Title: One Path: Chapters 214-240
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: After Han's rescue the Kenobis and their allies rendezvous with the Rebel Fleet in time for an all-important mission to Endor. But Mara Jade has a mission of her own, a trap has been set, and Vader's fate hangs in the balance. Things are further complicated when Padme and Obi-Wan discover their granddaughter is missing...
Rating: PG
Length: Around 2000 words each.
Category: Gen
Pairings/Characters: Obidala, Han/Leia, others...
A/N: Set after an alternate timeline leading up to and during the events in Return of the Jedi New chapters are 214-240

Link table to Chapters 1-60 on [ profile] shipper_asylum

Link table to Chapters 61-120 on [ profile] shipper_asylum

Link table to Chapters 121-180 on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

Link table to Chapters 181-240 on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

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Title: One Path: Chapters 183-193
Author: Lionchilde
Summary:Following the duel at Cloud City, a new journey continues as the Kenobis endeavor to rescue their own and gain some new, unorthodox allies along the way.
Rating: PG
Length: Around 2000 words each.
Category: Gen
Pairings/Characters: Obidala, Han/Leia, others...
A/N: Set after an alternate timeline currently after the events of The Empire Strikes Back New chapters are 181-182

Link table to Chapters 1-60 on [ profile] shipper_asylum

Link table to Chapters 61-120 on [ profile] shipper_asylum

Link table to Chapters 121-180 on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

Link table to Chapters 181-current on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

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Title: Of Earth and Stars
Author: Lionchilde
Characters/Pairings: Darstar/Terra
Summary: A few months after the destruction of E-Protectorate’s Aquabunker, society is in chaos as the Protectorate’s power-base crumbles and an economy based on water-trading now contends with ecological changes and the availability of open water. Darstar and the Solarbabies are safely at the Eco-Warriors’ Oasis, but Darstar isn’t sure he wants to stay. Terra doesn’t like the idea of his leaving, but what can she do about it?
Rating: PG
Length: About 2000 words
Fandom: Solarbabies
A/N: The story is written for [ profile] mercscilla, who turned me on to Solarbabies in the first place. She’s right. Darstar is much more interesting than Jason. I’m not a big fan of AU stories where the author just decrees that one or another character isn’t there, and I do like Jason, though I’d prefer he wasn’t with Terra. (There’s just no chemistry and the whole relationship seemed to be mostly based on the fact that both of them were in a sort of displaced parental role with Daniel and the fact that they were together all the time than any real connection on a psycho-emotional level. ) My first idea was to have Jason not survive the jump over the bridge and then do a partial re-write of the movie from there, but the more I thought about it, the more I was uncomfortable with the trauma that would have caused Daniel. So what I ended up with was a story set a few months after the film.

Solarbabies falls into the category of “bad movies I like anyway.” I just don’t happen to like it as much as I like certain other ones. Actually, I don’t usually like post apocalyptic anything, but the elements of fantasy in this appeal to me, and the Eco-Warriors remind me of the Fremen The film strikes me as something with a marvelously interesting premise and annoyingly poor execution. The characters could have been interesting, but there isn’t much development of their personalities. A lot of things either don’t make sense or require further explanation. For example, roller skates do not work in the desert for any length of time in a sandy, rock-strewn environment. Yet the kids were on their skates in the desert for day without any problem. Distilling TIRES for water? And how exactly does a glacier get trapped under a lava flow? I have some ideas both for character development and explanation—or at least re-imagining—but I’m not sure I want to invest that kind of effort. One Path needs to be finished before I undertake any more major fanfiction projects, and currently my original work is my priority. So, for now this is a one-shot.

Of Earth And Stars )
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Dedicated to all you smart people out there. ;) Aruna and I had the idea to re-write "Princes of the Universe" tonight. (Aka, the Highlander theme.)

Oh, I am I moron! I have inside me blood of fools )
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Apparently, some people thought that One Path had been abandoned. Let me assure everyone it hasn't been, although I'm currently unable to post updates every week as I was in the habit of doing. Please bear with me as I'm having a very difficult time writing due to RL issues and health stuff right now. Most of my attention and energy is therefore focused on my original work at the moment.

Also,yesterday I finally got the DVDs I need to do adaquate research for a fic project called Guardians of Grayskull which has been in the back of my head for more than ten years. --Yes, before I had any notion of the shows being released to DVD. So, I will most likely be off making notes and re-acquainting myself with the people of Eternia and Etheria.

As I mentioned in my recent "Hi, I'm still alive" post updates to my SW AUs will be made, but not as frequently as One Path readers have been spoiled into come to expect. ;)

Most of the Executor/Cloud City rescue stuff is still out of order, but I've decided to post a few chapters.

Also, I finally got the DVDs I need to do adaquate research for a fic project called Guardians of Grayskull which has been in the back of my head for more than ten years. --Yes, before I had any notion of the shows being released to DVD. So, I will be off making notes and re-acquainting myself with the people of Eternia and Etheria.

Updates to my SW AUs will be made, but not as frequently as One Path readers have been spoiled into come to expect. ;)

Title: One Path: Chapters 181-182
Author: Lionchilde
Summary:Following the duel at Cloud City, a new journey begins as the Kenobis endeavor to rescue their own.
Rating: PG
Length: Around 2000 words each.
Category: Gen
Pairings/Characters: Obidala, Han/Leia, others...
A/N: One Path Chapters 138-152. Set after an alternate ANH and into ESB. New chapters are 181-182

Link table to Chapters 1-60 on [ profile] shipper_asylum

Link table to Chapters 61-120 on [ profile] shipper_asylum

Link table to Chapters 121-180 on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

Link table to Chapters 181-current on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

Note: There are also a ton of new cartoon icons up on [ profile] so_out_of_icons I will try to make a proper list this week. Ferngully, X-Men, Charlotte's Web and Disney are included.
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I haven't had much inspiration/ability to focus on lengthy pieces, so I decided to try drabbles. What I ended up with was Vader's Daughter. I see quite a bit done about Luke and Vader in the fandom, and since the prequel trilogy came out, I see all kinds of people either making graphics or writing about the rather obvious parallels between Leia and her mother, but I very rarely see anything dealing with Leia and her relationship or reactions to Vader. I'm one of the few (possibly only) Star Wars fans I know who can honestly say that Luke was my least favorite of the OT characters. I had an active dislike of him until I was about twelve. I thought he was whiny and disrespectful in ANH; cocky and rude in ESB; and although my opinion of him softened (somewhat) in RotJ, I really wished that more time had been given to Leia's feelings and such upon learning that Vader was her father. I truly love Padme, and I thoroughly enjoy writing her, especially in One Path, which gives me the opportunity to develop a much more satisfying mother/daughter relationship than is possible in canon. That said, having grown up with a Star Wars where "the twins' mother" was largely a non-entity (meaning that she could have been anyone who was "kind but sad" and had given birth to Luke and Leia) I guess I've always wondered why there is such a heavy focus on the father/son dynamic in Star Wars writing to the extent that the father/daughter issues are almost glossed over, either professionally or in fandom. Here's my small contribution.

Title: Vader's Daughter
Chapter Title: 1-6
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: Six connected but separate drabbles dealing with Leia's initial reaction to the revelation she receives from Luke in Return of the Jedi
Rating: PG-13
Genre: General
Pairings/Characters: Focuses on Leia; H/L in the final piece.
A/N:These are connected and very short, but I'm posting them together. I'm much more of an epic fic writer. I have a hard time with short work of any kind, and I really struggle with drabbles, which are not only incredibly short but have a very specific word count. Once in a while, I like to challenge myself, so I set a goal to write exactly six snapshots of Leia's thoughts as Luke walks off to face Vader in ROTJ, and I wanted each one to be a drabble (exactly 100 words). I had the opening line of the first one and the final line of the last one in mind when I began, so my ultimate goal was to communicate everything I envisioned and still get to the last line in the aforementioned number of steps.

here on [ profile] so_out_of_fic.

PS--I already know that the point of Luke's annoying qualities is that Star Wars is supposed to be about his journey from clueless adolescent to Jedi Knight. That doesn't change my initial reaction to the character. Nobody needs to get all up in arms to defend him.
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These are rather long overdue but anyway here they are.


97 Transformers Generation 1

Thundercats, various episodes about 110 icons in each post.

Post 1| Post 2| Post 3| Post 4| Post 5 | Post 6

177 The Adventures of Robin Hood (The Errol Flynn Movie)

158 Ducktales

274 Beastmaster split into two posts
Post 1|Post 2

516 Aeon Flux split into four posts

Post 1| Post 2| Post 3| Post 4

288 3 Ninjas split into two posts

Post 1| Post 2

I did all of season 3, the remaining season 2 that I hadn't iconned yet and a smattering of season 4. Too many to post episode names because it takes longer to type them. here is an episode guide if you're looking for a specific post by episode name. I was having net problems when I posted the season 3 icons and it actually became more problematic to break the episode posts up than to post really big tables. So, I apologize but some of the posts are not in any way even close to being dial-up friendly.

LOOOOOONG Links list under here )

8 large SW graphics of various types (OT and PT)


Title: My Hands Are Open
Chapter Title: N/A
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: Aphrodite is a secret Xena/Ares shipper.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff/humor
Pairings/Characters: Xena/Ares
A/N:Written for [ profile] stargatefangurl as a birthday present. This is the first attempt at a Xena fic that I've made since before I got married. (Gosh, almost 10 years ago? Geez...) I've had mixed feelings about Herc/Xenaverse in recent years due to certain experiences associated with my ex, and this used to be a lot easier for me to write. I really loved this show once, though, and I'd like to get over the issues, so I decided to give it a shot. I'm really not 100% sure on my characterizations because it's been so long since I tried to write in the fandom. It's set like late season 2-early season 3, so there is no Eve at this point. Concrit is welcome, but please try to be nice about it. Credit for the idea goes in part to [ profile] literarylitany.

here on [ profile] so_out_of_fic.

Title: Vader's Cat
Chapter Title: Chapters 1-11
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: Vader's adventures as a pet owner
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor
Pairings/Characters: Vader and Cat
A/N: Older chapters have been moved because the series was getting too long for a single post. It now has its own link table

here on [ profile] so_out_of_fic.

Title: Enchanted
Chapter Title: (1) The Birth of the Prince and (2) Shine
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: Padme tells Anakin another story to help him sleep on his first night on Naboo.
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Pairings/Characters: Obidala, Anakin Skywalker
A/N: These are short and they go together, so I'm doing something I don't normally do on this community and posting the whole cycle in one post.

I had a request a while back from [ profile] darthsindle specifically using the "Once Upon a Time" prompt. [ profile] polgarawolf asked for another fairy tale. I'd planned to do more like this, as well as to do some actual re-writes of fairytales using Star Wars characters, so since Sarah needed to be cheered up, I have decided to post this now. There is a third installment where Padme tells the ENTIRE story over for Obi-Wan's family, so you will eventually get to find out where Yoda is. That won't actually get written until I've been able to really introduce Obi's family within the context of Land and Sky Episode II, so I tried hard to make this a complete, emotionally satisfying little piece as it stands. Also, she knows there's no such thing as a jazzberry and so do I, so no one has to tell me. I have not forgotten the other people to whom I owe requests. Thanks for your patience with it; things have not been cooperative for a while, but I have everyone's requests recorded and I know what I'm doing.

"The Saga of the Red Knight" which is quoted for Inalia's epigraphs, is a sort of mix of three fairytales: Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast. I planned for Inalia to write the story herself at some point within the telling of Episode III, but out of all the fairytales we've talked about using in this story, I think the Red Knight thing is my favorite. I really wanted to include it in this story somehow, because in my head the stories that Padme tells here are linked with the stories her daughter tells later, so I sort of cheated and found a way to do so.

"Loch Etive" by Mychael and Jeff Danna is one of my favorite Celtic instrumental pieces. (Land and Sky loves Celtic music; she won't be written to anything else.) In the opening of the song there's an actual recording of the natural sounds Padme and Obi-Wan are hearing in "Shine." I don't really feel like I did an adequate job of describing it, but I thought perhaps some of you would be interested in knowing about the musical aspect.

Oh. One more thing. My original vision for this story was that Qui-Gon died saving the baby and became the equivalent of the fairy-godmother. Given the context in which Padme's telling the story and how soon it was after Qui-Gon's death in the AU, I didn't think that would be appropriate for her story. So, when I get around to those actual re-writes I mentioned, it probably WILL be Qui-Gon as the fairy-godmother rather than the person it turns out to be here.

here on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

Title: Star Wars Poetry
Chapter Title: Various-not listing them all here because I'm lazy.
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: Two posts of Star Wars poetry, some relating to Darth Vader, mostly taking place in my Land and Sky AU.
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Pairings/Characters: Obidala, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
A/N: These were written for various challenges; this post is long, so I'm cutting my usual list of communities. They can be found on the original posts.

here and here on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

Title: One Path
Chapter Title: 157-180
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: The completion of One Path's version of The Empire Strikes Back
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/General
Pairings/Characters: Kenobis; lots of em.
A/N:Takes place during an alternate The Empire Strikes Back.

One Path: The Prequel Trilogy Chapters
One Path: The Original Trilogy Chapters Part 1
One Path: The Original Trilogy Chapters Part 2


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