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What is this, the third post this month? Man, I feel like I'm getting back to the swing of things. I can't tell if that's good or bad. *snerk*

It's been a busy month so far. I have some news. First, I'd like to thank everyone who responded to my father/daughter question. I can't promise I'll use everything, but it's all been really helpful to me. Second, in my last post, I mentioned I was thinking about getting a dreamwidth account. I actually did so without deliberating about it for another year. Why? Well, my paid time on LJ is about to run out, so my options were either to renew the paid account or buy a dreamwidth account, so I went with dreamwidth. I'm not jumping ship, but I like it so far. I need an easy way to update/maintain a mirror blog in case of disaster, and the journal import feature is a major plus! I only wish I could import the posts from my icon comm, but oh well. My username is the same there if anyone wants to friend, but either way, I'll continue to crosspost entries on LJ (and on my poor neglected IJ, maybe?).

There are a couple of people on my LJ-flist whose icons I imported. Some people don't like their work being used off LJ--if that's you, please let me know. The userpics I imported are here.

In other news, my brother called me this week and informed me that just about my whole family is on facebook and my mother wanted to know why I didn't have one. So, I'm now also on facebook. Link on the sidebar.

Oh yeah--and speaking of the sidebar, I've done some renovation around here. It took me a long time to make myself do it, but I finally removed the links to all of my old RPG forums. I think the last time I was active in an RP was around 2007, but it was still hard to do. I met so many friends on those boards, and the characters still mean the world to me, but really is time to admit that it's a closed chapter in my life. I just can't post regularly anymore. Maybe that will change again in the future, but for now there's nothing else for it.

In fiction related news, I started posting that Land and Sky story I promised. Thus far, the reaction has been positively underwhelming! *snicker* I've also been working on the outlines for Gemini Tide and Getting It Together this week. I think now have two separate stories that actually are NOT depressing! o_O Something must be wrong with me.

Oh! Oh! I started a Bloodkin vid that I have wanted to do forever but I was missing clips of several characters Took me about two hours to finish the first 28 seconds. >.< Yes, I'm off to a great start. I just love AU vidding. (NOT!)

Tenderness is due from Netflix this afternoon. Stand by for squeeage!
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These are rather long overdue but anyway here they are.


97 Transformers Generation 1

Thundercats, various episodes about 110 icons in each post.

Post 1| Post 2| Post 3| Post 4| Post 5 | Post 6

177 The Adventures of Robin Hood (The Errol Flynn Movie)

158 Ducktales

274 Beastmaster split into two posts
Post 1|Post 2

516 Aeon Flux split into four posts

Post 1| Post 2| Post 3| Post 4

288 3 Ninjas split into two posts

Post 1| Post 2

I did all of season 3, the remaining season 2 that I hadn't iconned yet and a smattering of season 4. Too many to post episode names because it takes longer to type them. here is an episode guide if you're looking for a specific post by episode name. I was having net problems when I posted the season 3 icons and it actually became more problematic to break the episode posts up than to post really big tables. So, I apologize but some of the posts are not in any way even close to being dial-up friendly.

LOOOOOONG Links list under here )

8 large SW graphics of various types (OT and PT)


Title: My Hands Are Open
Chapter Title: N/A
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: Aphrodite is a secret Xena/Ares shipper.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff/humor
Pairings/Characters: Xena/Ares
A/N:Written for [ profile] stargatefangurl as a birthday present. This is the first attempt at a Xena fic that I've made since before I got married. (Gosh, almost 10 years ago? Geez...) I've had mixed feelings about Herc/Xenaverse in recent years due to certain experiences associated with my ex, and this used to be a lot easier for me to write. I really loved this show once, though, and I'd like to get over the issues, so I decided to give it a shot. I'm really not 100% sure on my characterizations because it's been so long since I tried to write in the fandom. It's set like late season 2-early season 3, so there is no Eve at this point. Concrit is welcome, but please try to be nice about it. Credit for the idea goes in part to [ profile] literarylitany.

here on [ profile] so_out_of_fic.

Title: Vader's Cat
Chapter Title: Chapters 1-11
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: Vader's adventures as a pet owner
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor
Pairings/Characters: Vader and Cat
A/N: Older chapters have been moved because the series was getting too long for a single post. It now has its own link table

here on [ profile] so_out_of_fic.

Title: Enchanted
Chapter Title: (1) The Birth of the Prince and (2) Shine
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: Padme tells Anakin another story to help him sleep on his first night on Naboo.
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Pairings/Characters: Obidala, Anakin Skywalker
A/N: These are short and they go together, so I'm doing something I don't normally do on this community and posting the whole cycle in one post.

I had a request a while back from [ profile] darthsindle specifically using the "Once Upon a Time" prompt. [ profile] polgarawolf asked for another fairy tale. I'd planned to do more like this, as well as to do some actual re-writes of fairytales using Star Wars characters, so since Sarah needed to be cheered up, I have decided to post this now. There is a third installment where Padme tells the ENTIRE story over for Obi-Wan's family, so you will eventually get to find out where Yoda is. That won't actually get written until I've been able to really introduce Obi's family within the context of Land and Sky Episode II, so I tried hard to make this a complete, emotionally satisfying little piece as it stands. Also, she knows there's no such thing as a jazzberry and so do I, so no one has to tell me. I have not forgotten the other people to whom I owe requests. Thanks for your patience with it; things have not been cooperative for a while, but I have everyone's requests recorded and I know what I'm doing.

"The Saga of the Red Knight" which is quoted for Inalia's epigraphs, is a sort of mix of three fairytales: Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast. I planned for Inalia to write the story herself at some point within the telling of Episode III, but out of all the fairytales we've talked about using in this story, I think the Red Knight thing is my favorite. I really wanted to include it in this story somehow, because in my head the stories that Padme tells here are linked with the stories her daughter tells later, so I sort of cheated and found a way to do so.

"Loch Etive" by Mychael and Jeff Danna is one of my favorite Celtic instrumental pieces. (Land and Sky loves Celtic music; she won't be written to anything else.) In the opening of the song there's an actual recording of the natural sounds Padme and Obi-Wan are hearing in "Shine." I don't really feel like I did an adequate job of describing it, but I thought perhaps some of you would be interested in knowing about the musical aspect.

Oh. One more thing. My original vision for this story was that Qui-Gon died saving the baby and became the equivalent of the fairy-godmother. Given the context in which Padme's telling the story and how soon it was after Qui-Gon's death in the AU, I didn't think that would be appropriate for her story. So, when I get around to those actual re-writes I mentioned, it probably WILL be Qui-Gon as the fairy-godmother rather than the person it turns out to be here.

here on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

Title: Star Wars Poetry
Chapter Title: Various-not listing them all here because I'm lazy.
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: Two posts of Star Wars poetry, some relating to Darth Vader, mostly taking place in my Land and Sky AU.
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Pairings/Characters: Obidala, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
A/N: These were written for various challenges; this post is long, so I'm cutting my usual list of communities. They can be found on the original posts.

here and here on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

Title: One Path
Chapter Title: 157-180
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: The completion of One Path's version of The Empire Strikes Back
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/General
Pairings/Characters: Kenobis; lots of em.
A/N:Takes place during an alternate The Empire Strikes Back.

One Path: The Prequel Trilogy Chapters
One Path: The Original Trilogy Chapters Part 1
One Path: The Original Trilogy Chapters Part 2
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This is still up on [ profile] shipper_asylum. The fic isn't moving. Nobody panic. After spending a couple hours last night re-working my author page on, I discovered that it was too long. I already had a couple of links there to my personal journal and I just figured if I was going to have to link to notes and things, they should all link to the same place.

Under here )
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Chroniclers and Weavers of the Ka’andesi Peoples

This post may be of interest to Land and Sky readers. The epigraphs that open each chapter have provided a bit of exposure to the concept of Ka’andesi Chroniclers. There’s been no mention yet of the complimentary role of Weavers, but I thought it would be beneficial to explain what a Chronicler actually is (aside from functioning as a fictional narrator for the AU). It’s next to impossible for me to separate Chroniclers and Weavers in my mind anymore, so I decided to just talk about both of them and hope I can do so without being confusing.
Long post under here )
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Cross posting from [ profile] shipper_asylum.

I had a question that I feel needs addressing on the community. It will be added somewhere in the Intro/Author's Notes section when I figure out where with all my re-organizing last night the reader writes:

Very nice! I am so happy you are continuing this AU story line. I like it a
lot! But what about Obi-Wan marrying Padme? I mean, is he still a Jedi? Is he
planning to keep the marriage a secret?

The short version of my response is:

I really don't think Obi-Wan would keep a marriage a secret, and since Panaka, the handmaidens, and Padme's family all know what was going on, I thought it was sort of clear that there would be no secret marriage here.

And since he left WITH Anakin, the implication was that they are not officially Jedi at this point. Beyond that I can't say too much, but if you've read my other work, you'll know that I work very hard to keep my stories as canon-tight as possible. Things work out.

The long version is a big, complicated character analysis that focuses on explaining why secret trysts, attempting to live a double life in complete disregard for his own belief system/ideals, and/or participating willingly in any kind of love triangle is (in our opinion) completely out of character for Obi-Wan; how there is no point to me in creating an AU that does nothing but re-create or exacerbate the level of destructive unhealthy psycho-emotional interplay that already exists in canon; and why those types of fics will never have a place on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

I will spare you for the time being, but I'm sure that there will eventually be such a post on my LJ just because I've seen people making a lot of assumptions since I started writing in the Star Wars fandom that because my fanfiction is labeled "Obidala" all that means is that Obi-Wan's life ends up destroyed instead of/along with Anakin's, and I'd like to make the point that, while anyone else is free to write what they want, those are the kinds of fic that made me rather violently opposed to Obidala since the ship first started cropping up.

Make no mistake. Obidala is now my prequel-era OTP. That said, Obi-Wan has been my favorite character in the SW saga since I first saw ANH at like the age of five. I have no interest in seeing my favorite character destroy himself or in having him be taken entirely out of character for the sake of a really bad and probably already over done romance plot. Anyone who wants to read more on this, keep an eye on my LJ. ;)
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I've been meaning to do this for a while. It's mostly for me, but Land and Sky readers may find it interesting. Plus I'm paranoid about losing things, so having it posted here adds an extra measure of reassurance that if my computer crashes, all is not lost.

The following is what I know about Inalia in her capacity as Chronicler of Land and Sky. It includes a listing of the works I know she has written and notations of which ones have been "quoted" in the chapter headings of Land and Sky. Hopefully this will keep me from repeating myself or having her say things that are too much alike as the story grows. The list is not all-inclusive; I'm sure she will write other stuff, but this is the stuff I KNOW about.

Inalia's Stuff )
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This post may be of interest to Land and Sky readers. It deals with the naming conventions and ceremony of naming among the Ka'andesi. There is a spoiler for Episode 3 if you are paying attention. Sorry about that but I only had one character whose name had all the elements.

Names mean everything to the Ka'andesi )
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Title: Star Wars: Land and Sky Episode 1: Happy Endings
Author: Lionchilde
Summary:This fic explores the possibility that Qui-Gon Jinn was injured on Naboo while attempting to rescue Queen Amidala from the Trade Federation. As such, Qui-Gon is forced to remain on the ship while Obi-Wan accompanies Padme and friends to Mos Espa. My full introduction and Author's Notes are Here
Rating: PG-13 (Mild sexual situations in some chapters)
Genre: Romance/General
Pairings/Characters: Obidala
A/N:Takes place during an alternate TPM.

Link Table to All 25 Chapters Here on [ profile] shipper_asylum.


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