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I had a burst of random inspiration the other day. Made some big collages and then decided to do matching headers, icons and stuff. The BSG stuff was a late addition. It's not really my fandom anymore. I gave up on it in season 3, so don't expect much more from me in this fandom, but Aruna needed cheering up so I decided to make an Adama/Roslin manip. I figured if I didn't do Kara/Lee as well, someone would ask for it, so I threw that in too. Somewhere along the way, the mess ended up inspiring Aruna's new crack series, Unexpected Ways. This is what happens to sleep deprived geniuses with no opportunities for vidding, I suppose. I can also post the uncolored manip, as well as a simple color treatment on the Apollo/Starbuck promo in case anyone wants to use and/or stare at them.

I'm going to let the icons function as teasers for the entire batch. I forgot the First Knight icons. Sorry about that.

There are textless and texted versions of:
-F/O banners (Use the textless versions for userinfo if you want)
-Forum sig banners
-HUMONGOUS fanarts.
-Promo pics

Post is probably not dialup friendly, sorry.

here on [ profile] so_out_of_icons.
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Okay. Fair warning. This post is in no way dial-up friendly. I'm awful, sorry. It all started because I was messing around with new coloring. Usually, that means I just open my image files and grab stuff from various shows/movies at random because different techniques have widely varying effects given the lighting or type of film used, or even at times quality of the DVD press or the software the caps were grabbed with. Anyway. I found a few things I liked, including this blue thing that seems to look really nice on a variety of images, which is always a plus, since I know I can use the script on more than one fandom. I was just about done my random batch, and I said to myself, "You know...? I bet this would look really good on all those Star Wars promos." I wanted an icon of Obi and Bail, but I couldn't find the cast pic on my HD, so I had to go LOOKING for it. I now have even more promos, mostly from Padme's Wardrobe and Star Wars Destiny. PSP crashed on me, however, and I lost about 80 or so icons the other night, so I will have to make a second set another time with the rest of those. I do have some--an unusually large number of Anakin/Vader in the batch, as a matter of fact. I was just going to make some of him and Obi, but I started to think about One Path and his relationship with little Ani, how Ani has never given up on him, always believed in the Hero With No Fear, etc, and...well. Once I start thinking of One Path, I'm pretty much doomed, and I've learned to let inspiration go where it leads. You'll notice that it was Obi who got the headers, though. I've also wanted to do some Beru/Owen art for a a while now, and I can't say why but Bail/Breha seems to be this afternoon's ship of choice, so I threw those in as well. I tried to provide textless versions of everything so that they can be used as bases or as-is.

The only exception is the first Obi header, which is actually quite old. It was done as part of a community layout challenge on [ profile] obiwanstillness last year. I've been completely uninspired by sick of icontests lately, but given my current state of obsession with a certain Kenobi fellow, I may just have to go see what's going on over there... *cough* Anyway. The comm has a new layout now, so I decided to put this header up for grabs because I've always been quite proud of it. Unfortunately, the only version I have with text actually says "Obi-Wan Stillness", so that would be quite useless to anyone.

Incidentally, for those interested in knowing, the Vader icons without Ani were an afterthought. All I did was superimpose another Vader pic on a different layer. I figured I might get some hits on the post from non-One Path readers who'd be looking for Vader alone and have no interest in fic related icons. I tried to keep the One Path icons at the bottom.

186 icons (Multifandom)

01-04 Stargate SG-1
05 Harry Potter
06-18 Dirty Dancing
19-22 Jason Priestly
23-25 She-Ra (Glimmer, Kowl, and Catra)
26-168 Star Wars promos (PT and OT)
169-186 Star Wars (fic related)

Large graphics

2 Owen/Beru headers (1 with text, 1 textless variation, can be used as a base)
11 Bail/Breha headers (6 with text, 5 textless variations, can be used as bases)
8 Obi-Wan Kenobi headers (3 with text, 4 textless variations, 1 standalone textless)
2 Obidala fanarts
2 Obi-Wan Kenobi wallpapers

If you want text added to the red Obi-Wan header, please ask. Normally I don't care, but this was a very special piece for me and I would appreciate if folks allowed me to do alterations this time. Thank you.

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__Edit___ Cut works now, sorry!
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Last post, I swear, I'm going to bed.

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Got struck with a variation monster today. I haven't made big graphics in months, so I hope these are okay. [ profile] aruna7 likes them, but I think she's a bit biased. Some are One Path specific and some are Obidala, with the small text changed. These are 800x300, good for LJ headers or whatever else you might need big artwork for. Enjoy.

Free Image Hosting at

Seven variations here on [ profile] shipper_asylum.
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Was working on Aruna's website headers tonight and accidentally made this. One for me and one for you, since I didn't think anyone else would need one that says Rediscovered two for you since I accidentally uploaded the textless version.


Ok, I added about 40 or so variations. Some in vary in color, some in text. The variation monster just wouldn't leave me alone, and I can never decide which I like best. Need the help of my wonderful flist and anyone who's read RH to decide which will be used in the Rediscovered Hearts journal layout [ profile] stargatefangurl is making.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Purple and Blue-ish under here )
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Really. But...for Sarah...anything! :p

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Not wallpapers because I wasn't in the mood to do wallpapers tonight, but they'll work as LJ headers if you want to use one of them, baby. Not that you have to, of course. I'm sure you have better floating around, but I promised, so here you go.

Thanks to [ profile] beizy for Harry and [ profile] literarylitany for Draco. *shudders at Draco* Yuck!


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