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I'm going to be making some slight changes. It shouldn't affect very much. I will leave all my current resources up, but I am looking at the possibility of creating a more serious digital design portfolio. I'd like to go back to school for graphic design in the future, and I think this would be a good step for me. I have been experimenting in digital art that is not fandom related, and I would like to keep so-out-of-ideas and so-out-of-icons primarily as fandom outlets, so I will be looking for a new home for my textures and other design resources where I can also include my non-fandom artwork. I will continue to post update notices on the resources here, so if you're watching for the resources, you will still see them. The links will just eventually be going somewhere else.


I'm a dork. I also meant to announce the creation of some new public Dreamwidth communities: [community profile] iconophile for resource sharing, [community profile] 100x100hush and [community profile] 100x100blank for graphic sharing.
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More Unwelcome Changes to come at LJ

One thing I didn't mention in my last post is my ever-growing dissatisfaction with Livejournal. It's my main outlet for fandom-based activities. I've got mirror accounts on IJ and DW, but that's all they've been. Just mirrors. That's partially because my fandom activity's gone down the last couple of years and partly because my fandom friends and communities are all on LJ.

As some of you know, my migraines have been getting more frequent in the last couple of years. The new comment system over at LJ is a real problem for me because of that. I'm not comfortable at all with the idea of turning the site into another version of Facebook, either. And frankly, I'm insulted by the statement that LJ's marketing strategy to the US is to attract new users and not to cater to its existing "small but loyal" user base.

DW now has a functional system for importing communities. In 2012, I am going to import my fic and graphics comm over there completely and will be shifting my activity more to DW. I'll leave my LJ here and the content on the comms will stay, but I'm not sure about updates. It'll depend on whether there's a crosspost system for communities.


Sep. 2nd, 2011 01:42 am
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Ah, the little things we take for granted...!

I don't remember if I mentioned or not, I don't have a paid account on LJ right now. I let it lapse this year for the first time since 07 because...well...frankly, LJ sucks a big ol' egg lately. I forgot that basic accounts (which I still have, yay, no ads) have a very short links list, so I had to modify mine. You should still be able to find whatever interests you be either going to the Welcome post or clicking on the links on the top bar.

And speaking of the top bar, there's a new look! I've changed the layout, which is pretty miraculous considering how much I loved my last one and how much that particular header means to me. Yes, I am sentimental enough to get that attached to a header.

Anyway, check it out at [ profile] so_out_of_ideas.
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What is this, the third post this month? Man, I feel like I'm getting back to the swing of things. I can't tell if that's good or bad. *snerk*

It's been a busy month so far. I have some news. First, I'd like to thank everyone who responded to my father/daughter question. I can't promise I'll use everything, but it's all been really helpful to me. Second, in my last post, I mentioned I was thinking about getting a dreamwidth account. I actually did so without deliberating about it for another year. Why? Well, my paid time on LJ is about to run out, so my options were either to renew the paid account or buy a dreamwidth account, so I went with dreamwidth. I'm not jumping ship, but I like it so far. I need an easy way to update/maintain a mirror blog in case of disaster, and the journal import feature is a major plus! I only wish I could import the posts from my icon comm, but oh well. My username is the same there if anyone wants to friend, but either way, I'll continue to crosspost entries on LJ (and on my poor neglected IJ, maybe?).

There are a couple of people on my LJ-flist whose icons I imported. Some people don't like their work being used off LJ--if that's you, please let me know. The userpics I imported are here.

In other news, my brother called me this week and informed me that just about my whole family is on facebook and my mother wanted to know why I didn't have one. So, I'm now also on facebook. Link on the sidebar.

Oh yeah--and speaking of the sidebar, I've done some renovation around here. It took me a long time to make myself do it, but I finally removed the links to all of my old RPG forums. I think the last time I was active in an RP was around 2007, but it was still hard to do. I met so many friends on those boards, and the characters still mean the world to me, but really is time to admit that it's a closed chapter in my life. I just can't post regularly anymore. Maybe that will change again in the future, but for now there's nothing else for it.

In fiction related news, I started posting that Land and Sky story I promised. Thus far, the reaction has been positively underwhelming! *snicker* I've also been working on the outlines for Gemini Tide and Getting It Together this week. I think now have two separate stories that actually are NOT depressing! o_O Something must be wrong with me.

Oh! Oh! I started a Bloodkin vid that I have wanted to do forever but I was missing clips of several characters Took me about two hours to finish the first 28 seconds. >.< Yes, I'm off to a great start. I just love AU vidding. (NOT!)

Tenderness is due from Netflix this afternoon. Stand by for squeeage!
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Slight changes have been made to my schedule due to lack of follow through on the part of someone who was supposed to be assisting me with research. The Games sequels are currently off the schedule but will be added again when I have the materials I need. Also I am keeping One Path on hiatus for a while. I will need some time to work on recent ideas before posting again and I think it's best to maintain the hiatus until I'm satisfied that I can devote the proper time to the story rather than posting material I am not pleased with. view changes here.
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Update Notices


Stuff related to Bloodkin is now linked here

Check out This Post if you care what Bloodkin is.

There is a new One Path chapter up on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

Title: One Path
Chapter Title: Chapter 156
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: The future of the Jedi Order hinges on decisions made now.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/General
Pairings/Characters: Kenobis; lots of em.
A/N:Takes place during an alternate The Empire Strikes Back. Written for [ profile] fic101: Prompt #20: Brother; [ profile] mission_insane Unthemed Table 5 #6 Breathless


This will be the last update until Aruna is back online.

I've decided that link tables for icon posts take too long given current time constraints. I might start doing them again this summer. Of course I still have to break my icons into multiple posts by episode, so I'm going to list them by episode name. Apologies to anyone who isn't familiar with the ep names. It's the only practical way I can think of.

Posts contain an average of 160 icons apiece

Absolute Power Post 1
Absolute Power Post 2
Absolute Power Post 3

Abyss Post 1
Abyss Post 2



Frozen Post 1
Frozen Post 2

Grace Post 1
Grace Post 2

Shadow Play

Smoke and Mirrors Post 1
Smoke and Mirrors Post 2

The Changeling Post 1
The Changeling Post 2

The Cure



Where Silence Has Lease
Elementary, Dear Data
The Outrageous Okona
The Schizoid Man
Loud As A Whisper
Unnatural Selection
A Matter of Honor
The Royale
The Icarus Factor Post 1
The Icarus Factor Post 2
Q Who
The Samaritan Snare

All Our Yesterdays
Is There In Truth No Beauty
Journey To Babel Post 1
Journey To Babel Post 2

Other stuff

Reading committee now consists of:

[ profile] nekkidchick who doesn't have to read it but is on the list in case she wants to since she's been reading my stuff since the stone age. :P
[ profile] aruna7
[ profile] ladybeth
[ profile] thrace_adams
[ profile] cha_aka
[ profile] literarylitany
[ profile] nicole9514
[ profile] alterangirl
[ profile] stargatefangirl
[ profile] lucil_luzzu
[ profile] nrgbunny
[ profile] polgarawolf
[ profile] texasgent
[ profile] janetlin
[ profile] profsilverback
[ profile] telana_kiarr


Mar. 19th, 2008 03:43 am
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As you may have noticed, Happy Endings has been finished and posted since this past weekend. As such, I have edited my writing schedule. Anybody who wants to know when anything is coming out should check the schedule post here and watch for notices. Things do have a habit of getting a bit juggled around, but so far the majority of cases seem to be because something gets done in a huge spurt and I'm able to make up time with the other projects once the spurt is done, so this will at least give you an idea when things should be finished and/or posted. The schedule exists for readers' convenience as much as a prompt for me; please check it first. I know I write prolifically but I do try to update things in a timely fashion (or if not, I at least let folks know what is happening.
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Good morning, dear flist. I have two completed One Path chapters for those who are reading the fic. [ profile] nrgbunny still has the latest one, so I will hold off posting things until later today.

This is mainly a housekeeping post. My journal has gotten a bit difficult to manage lately; I've noticed that there are people on my flist that I (A) don't know and (B) upon checking their interests, I have no idea how or why they ended up on my flist in the first place.

I needed to thin out the flist. Which I did. I am now limiting it to people I actually know (either in real life or via fandom interaction), and/or people who at least OCCASIONALLY comment with something other than "snagging, thanks." I might have inadvertently taken someone off the list who should still be there--if you're not and you want to be, comment and I'll add you back. Otherwise, feel free to keep reading, just know you won't be seeing friends' locked posts.

Also, I have been wanting to post some things like poetry and possibly some book reviews, and given the lovely new restriction on tags, I was going to have to figure out a new archive system of some sort if I decide to do that on a regular basis. As such, I decided that the best thing to do was make somewhere else to house the stuff you've probably grown used to seeing here: fanfiction and graphics.

My fic will now be archived on [ profile] so_out_of_fic.
Artwork, graphic resources, and tutorials will be on [ profile] so_out_of_icons.
Membership of both communities is open, feel free to join/watch.

I'm not quite done setting up the fic comm yet, but everything will soon be there thanks to LJSec (which now, incidentally, transfers tags, yay.)

One Path remains on [ profile] shipper_asylum.
Rediscovered Hearts remains on [ profile] dv_hearts along with my two other published SG AU stories.

They just also happen to be on my personal comm now too.

I will still be posting update notices here from time to time; there is no need to join the communities to see or be alerted to new chapters. Of course, you can if you would like. ;)

That's all.
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If anyone's been browsing for the past couple of days, you might have noticed things looking a little strange around here. Broken links, tags missing. Layout gone wonky. Well, I've been cleaning house, revamping the tag system to make it easier to find what you might come looking for. It was getting difficult for me to find what I wanted, so I can imagine what it must've been like to browse around here having no idea when I'd made which set of icons or textures. Hopefully it will be a little easier now. I still have the basic tags I've been using all along (icons, fic, personal) but I also decided to break things up a bit more specifically. I've done away with character tags, but I still have some tags for specific ships if they're frequently seen here. The tags you'll find now are:
Under the cut because it would annoy me if I had to scroll through five miles of explanation on MY flist )

Also, on a semi-related note, I've gotten a few comments lately asking about editing my icons. Usually I add it to the post, but I'll say so here as well. Anything I post here is free for the taking. Use it as you see fit. I appreciate a comment if you plan to use my stuff for bases or whatever, but that's about it.


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