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I've made a ton of icons in the last few days. Tried to break them up by fandom, but some of the don't have enough to warrant a whole post. Broke them up into 4 posts.

[107] Voltron: Defender of the Universe
[87] Highlander: The Raven
[67] Stargate: SG-1
[30] Painkiller Jane
[23] Obidala (originally for [ profile] obidala_lims)
[21] Russell Crowe
[16] Bewitched
[16] Highlander: The Series
[16] Sanctuary
[12] Sailor Moon
[09] Women's Murder Club
[07] Xena: Warrior Princess
[04] Misc
[03] Witchblade: The Series
[02] Bionic Woman


TEASER! Icon 008 TEASER! Icon 042 TEASER! Icon 051

Sanctuary and SG-1 | Highlander | Voltron | All others
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I had a burst of random inspiration the other day. Made some big collages and then decided to do matching headers, icons and stuff. The BSG stuff was a late addition. It's not really my fandom anymore. I gave up on it in season 3, so don't expect much more from me in this fandom, but Aruna needed cheering up so I decided to make an Adama/Roslin manip. I figured if I didn't do Kara/Lee as well, someone would ask for it, so I threw that in too. Somewhere along the way, the mess ended up inspiring Aruna's new crack series, Unexpected Ways. This is what happens to sleep deprived geniuses with no opportunities for vidding, I suppose. I can also post the uncolored manip, as well as a simple color treatment on the Apollo/Starbuck promo in case anyone wants to use and/or stare at them.

I'm going to let the icons function as teasers for the entire batch. I forgot the First Knight icons. Sorry about that.

There are textless and texted versions of:
-F/O banners (Use the textless versions for userinfo if you want)
-Forum sig banners
-HUMONGOUS fanarts.
-Promo pics

Post is probably not dialup friendly, sorry.

here on [ profile] so_out_of_icons.
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Icons from Aruna's recent One Path vids, "I'll Love You More Than Life" and "Our Journey Begins". Commentary will be posted later if anyone cares to read it, including an explanation of Pink!Vader... Please credit Aruna for her vid if you use these, thanks.

145 I'll Love You More Than Life on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

75 Our Journey Begins on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

  • Rules and Disclaimer can be found on my Profile page.

  • These icons are from a vid by [ profile] aruna7. Please credit her for her work if you use them.

  • Comments encourage more goodies

  • Credit is up to you.

  • Make a request here

  • Textless icons can be used as bases. Just please comment and let me know you're taking them, and feel free to show me what you've done. I enjoy seeing what folks do with this stuff.
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Okay, One Path is still on hiatus until tomorrow because *cough* someone only has 900 words of the next chapter written, but I wanted to post these as a welcome home for [ profile] aruna7 so I just decided to post them tonight.

These are from her last One Path vid, I Will Never Forget. I wanted to try bw icons, but I guess I'm not that confident in my ability with that yet, so I also made color variations. The ones which only have one version just didn't look right.

here on [ profile] shipper_asylum.


May. 6th, 2007 12:03 pm
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Most of these icons are from the One Path trailer. However, I'm officially NOT PLEASED with 90% of them. So much so that I don't even want them over on [ profile] shipper_asylum. First off, some of my favorite parts of the trailer aren't here. Aruna's editing is too fast for my capping program to follow, apparently. The caps kept coming out like Obi and Padme were in the middle of an earthquake. My plan had been to do text on the ones of the cookie cutter clips, however, nothing really seemed appropriate, so if anyone wants on of those with text on it, let me know and I'll do it. The coloring, also, is an experiment. I have been trying to perfect a dark blue coloring. I think I hit on something toward the end, but overall, it's iffy. Next time will be better. A few are just some random Obidala icons not using trailer caps. We can also blame Aruna for the fact that there are Eric Stoltz icons in the same batch... :P

Cry On My Shoulder )
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Geez. First icon post since One Path started. I didn't even realize how long it had been. Heh. Check out the predominant subject. Is anyone surprised? I'm too lazy to make a batch of icons for the four random ones at the end, so I'm posting over here. Next time I do One Path icons, it will be on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

19 One Path/Obidala (text/AotC/TPM)
3 Bloodkin (text)
1 Orko
I'll love you more than life )

Oh. If you don't get the Frying Pan Boy thing...well. I'll explain it, but you probably don't want to know.


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