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Sumuru icons. Or Truen, take your pick. I did icon the whole movie this time, but of course focused heavily on Adam (MS). Post two will be along shortly. I know I did a very skimpy job on the second half of the film. I was NOT happy with the way the coloring was working, but I will keep trying stuff and eventually have more to post.

153 Under the cut. Text on some of these is RP related, but they're mostly hush.
Jedi Jump Rope? )
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A few days ago I mentioned my second best Christmas present. It's a vid entitled Unwritten Story done by [ profile] aruna7 as the first in her Shattered Fates vid series. You might wonder why a music video would mean so much to me. Well, to answer that, I can only say you have to see the vid.

As a writer and an RPer, I create characters on a pretty constant basis, but there are few, if any, that I love as much as Truen Calladann. He's very different from the Jedi Master I envisioned when I created him for Knight Command. His story is complex, rich, and often tragic. But I guess what I love about Truen is the fact he stays hopeful through an insane amount of hardship and loss. Anyway, I was more than thrilled when Aruna, who is both a Star Wars fan and a fan of Michael Shanks, told me that she wanted to vid about Truen's story.

There's nothing I can really say about Unwritten Story that will describe how perfectly it captures the essence of how [ profile] stargatefangurl and I have developed the relationship between Truen and Skynia. Visually, the vid is stunning. If I didn't know that the clips came from like five other sources, I honestly wouldn't know. Anyway, so you all won't be surprised to hear that I've already iconned the vid. 150 icons under the cut.

The man I used to know... )

Incidentally, new layout by [ profile] stargatefangurl in honor of the Rediscovered Hearts sequel series which I hope to begin in January. Header's from a manip by [ profile] whisper99. Thanks, guys!
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To those celebrating His birth today, I wish you a happy and blessed Christmas. I got my best Christmas gift a few days ago, getting to hang out with Bradley and Tammy for the day. (*cough* Or, Brad and Auntie Dar getting to drive Tammy crazy.) He's almost seventeen now, which is rather hard to believe. It was great to see him, since I hadn't in so long, and great to discover it's still cool to sing along REALLY loud to the radio and play the " not...did too...did not..." game with me.

I have to say, my second best gift is right up there with the first, even though I only have the draft at the moment. Heh. Unwritten Story, [ profile] aruna7 Tru/Sky vid. *hugs Truen tight* *hops and hops and hops* *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* *dies* *revives* *dies!* Oh my goodness. Wait. I was just hugging Truen while hopping, squeeing and dying. That means I have died in Truen's arms? LOL.

Oh, and since I'm posting, I have icons. I finished these a couple nights ago. Call it a Christmas gift for the Gaters on my flist. And I really need to make a special dedication to the typoteers, with whom I've spent I don't know how many hours watching, quoting reciting? this episode, and who truly understand the meaning of "Hello, Urgo." The episode that always makes me remember why I love SG-1 first and best of all my fandoms. I claimed it on [ profile] sg_100 just because I knew I'd get way more than 100 out of it. Heh. Post 2 will be along shortly. Oh, and extra teasers because it's my journal so I can.

You guys want a laugh? I used the frondesk one on MSN the other day, and my friend, who isn't a Gater, was like, "Um...Frondesk??" So, I'm here like, "See, Jack got his head sucked into this thing..." Anyway, I know I got my episodes crossed on that one. It was The Fifth Race, not Urgo, but with the cap, it was too impossible to resist.

I wanna live! I wanna experience the universe...and I wanna eat pie! )
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So, I grab the milk for lunch, open it up and take a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig swig. A moment too late, I realize that said milk has spoiled. Note to self: Smell dairy products before consumption.
In other news, I will definately not be going on a road trip tomorrow to Ohio... three guesses what I'll be doing while Walter drives Tammy crazy. Heh.

Anyway, by request of [ profile] nekkidchick, 91 icons from [ profile] wendy's baby!Jsquared picspam post here. Nice to have your own personal icon-slave, isn't it, baby? ;) lots of variations on the Superman shirt one (A) Because I rediscovered Optikverve filters and couldn't decide which way I liked them better (B) Because...look...

MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm )
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YAY! It's my birthday. Can't sleep. Surprise, surprise. I'm also an idiot and don't know how to read, apparently, since I just hit "Update" instead of "Preview" with only like one section of icons posted. Meh. So, this would be attempt #2 at making this post. I deleted the other, hopefully, before any of the other insomniacs caught it.

Anyway. The good news for me is that I got two more months paid time from [ profile] nekkidchick for my birthday. Gawrsh, I'm spoiled, aren't I? *g*

The good news for YOU, dear flist, is that I have been occupying my sleepless night with iconnage. The typoteers will understand why these go together, but for the rest of you...well... it doesn't really matter. Most are textless, so you won't be all that confused.

As far as I remember, these are my first ever Trek icons. Woo! 43 Star Trek: TNG (Will/Deanna; Thomas/Deanna) or, if you prefer, Kestry and Daiel. All really simple, but I love the way they came out.

Imzadi )

More Truen, who will be known to most of you as Adam Wade. 61 total. Some are simple, some are not, and some are variations. I figured the subject matter would be appealing enough that no one would mind.

X marks the spot )

KC RPers have told me more than once that Jaen's spoiled Smallville because they can't watch Tom Welling without thinking "It's Jaen!" So, some of these actually SAY Jaen this time. I couldn't resist. Feel free to snag the textless or "hero" ones though.

Don't call me SUPERBOY! )

Jennifer Garner, aka Gigi, who's last name is...well...different, depending on what year it is. :P 21 total; some are variations.

Pretties... )

Barry Watson of Seventh Heaven fame...otherwise known as Ethan Nathe. 31 total; some variations I think.

When did you fall... )

Oh, and I almost forgot. Sense and Sensibility icons, which have nothing to do with the above posted ones but I love the movie. 28 total. I have a small set of John and Fanny. I hate John and Fanny, but I was inspired to icon them so I did. Then I have Some of the girls and Edward's thrown in somewhere too. I love Elinor. I think it has to do with the whole oldest sibling thing. Heh. Anyway, shutting up now and on to the icons. Oh. No, I'm not shutting up yet. Yes, I will do Willoughby at some point. Promise. *g* And Colonel Branden too, because he can't be ignored. It's really bothersome to me that he's Snape and I still love him so much... Okay, shutting up now.

I greatly esteem him )

+Rules, Disclaimer, Resource and image credits can be found here
+Comments encourage more goodies
+Credit is up to you
+Make a request here

Okay...done. I think I may be able to sleep now. Few things are more boring than making big long icon posts. Hope everyone enjoys. I'll post to comms later if I'm on today. May get dragged on a birthday adventure of some kind. If so, see everyone Monday.
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Holy cow. Looks like I'm back, folks. Three posts in one day? Since when has that happened? Icons! Actually, I'm kinda cheating. They're old ones I never posted. Michael Shanks as Adam Wade or Truen Calladann, whichever you prefer. lol. Looks like I was experimenting with text placement on most of these, so feedback from you icon makers would be much appreciated.

28 total

Yumness this way. )

Also some Jade/Marty variations that will only really interest RH readers, and a couple of Michael/Claudia promos. Credit goes to [ profile] aruna7 for the images.

Rediscovered Hearts )
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Icon post #3 for the evening...SG-1, SGA, and random odds and ends...

37 Stargate SG-1 icons from the s10 promo pics, by request of [ profile] aruna7

By Request )

Totally random, but 35 icons of Leelee Sobieski and Marina Sirtis

Random Pretties )

Not quite random, but I've never actually done Xena icons. Rather surprising, since Ares was my pre-Daniel obsession #1.

24 icons total.

It's a god thing )

These aren't quite random I just forgot to put them in with the Superman set I posted earlier.

23 Smallville icons, almost all Clark.

Pocket full of... )

Look at that! I did more SGA icons than SG-1! Never happens. Ever.

57 Various s2 icons.

What's a Goo-a-oold? )

Ok, I think that's everything...heading to bed now. Will post to comms tomorrow. Night all.
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Yep. It's icon/texture spree this weekend. Whoo! I did also manage to finish a fic for [ profile] sg_challenges earlier in the weekend, too, but I forgot to post because I ended up in one of my famous 4 hour phone conversations, so I'll start with that.

It's my second attempt at an Atlantis fic, and VERY fluffy. Meant as a sequel to Hands although the events in that story aren't really mentioned. Go figure.

Title: The Final Rose
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: AU It was only as she slid into the chair and picked up the note that she actually registered that there was a rose still missing.
Rating: G

Length: 860 words
Pairing: Sparky
Genres: Ever so fluffy...
A/N: Set sometime post Season 2, so it will be AU once Season 3 starts. ;) Meant as a sequel to Hands Written for [ profile] sg_challenges

The Final Rose )

Next a couple of texture sets. I've got download links at Oxyshare, Megaupload, and YSI, so if anyone can't download them from at least ONE server, I'm just going to cry.

+ Comments encourage more textures.
+ Credit is up to you.
+ Request a graphic or tutorial here

Oxyshare Link// Megaupload Link// YSI Link

Show me the textury things )

Now the icons.

110 Michael Shanks for [ profile] stargate_abcs. All themes, AC, plus 60 alternates in the second table. Note, the ones that look like Daniel in the "Alternates" table are from Scifi Lowdown when Michael was being interviewed.

These should make [ profile] martyfan happy...hehe.

Yum. )

12 Ronon/Teyla from Epiphany. Nothing really spoilery, I don't think.

Spanky this way )

And now my favorites! 19 icons inspired by my fic series Rediscovered Hearts. Mostly Vala, some D/V. Ok, ok, they're s9 promo pics, but I was feeling inspired by the fic when I made them...and to me, the whole "Nobody's Victim" thing is not only the essence of Vala in RH, but I realized that it's what won me over to Vala in the first place. She's different from any of Daniel's other serious love interests that way.


Vala's Nobody's Victim! )

Oh, and I almost forgot. I told Sarah I was going to make Clark icons this morning, did a batch of Smallville and discovered they were predominantly Martha/Lionel. o.O So, I went back and did more.

The result was 60 icons from the episode Cyborg. Possible spoilers, so no teasers.

I Need a Hero )


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