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Good afternoon, dear flist. I am in need of assistance.

I recently received this image from a friend:

Free Image Hosting at

His request is the following:

Hi, sweetie. I'm in California getting ready for Christmas stuff, and I have a request. (The usual "I love you friend" comments apply, as in if you're too busy or it'll take a looong time don't do it, etc.)

This is a picture of my dad and my grand-niece taken not long before dad passed away. Do you have the ability to take it and remove the background "stuff" so that it's just her hand in his? It's a very meaningful picture to my sister (and to me, of course), but the stuff behind it (especially her other hand which looks like some kind of growth coming out of my dad's stomach) ruin it.

Thanks, Dar. Hope you're having a good weekend. ttyl

I of course opted to hide how awful my ability to remove backgrounds is by slapping on pretty baground and voila. Then he asked me to give him a couple of plain ones, one dark and one light-colored. My rather awful skills at background removal of course are now shown in all their faded glory.

My attempts are thumbnailed below to give you an idea of what they're looking for in terms of color. However, if anyone would be willing to try to remove the junk for me, and/or re-do the entire thing with the original, I will love you forever, and also happily return the favor with graphics or fic of your choice.

(Certain people on my flist should come to this post the next time they're tempted to tell me I should do graphic design for a living. This is why I keep telling you no.)

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

And now, just because I happen to like it, here's my pretty background version, which makes me feel slightly better about calling myself an artist on any level. lol.

Free Image Hosting at
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I mentioned last week that my friend was preaching in chapel on Friday. "The Compassionate Heart of God" is one of my favorites of Tim's messages. This is a link to a streaming version on the Evangel University website if anyone's interested in hearing it.

The Compassionate Heart of God

PK=Preacher's Kid, by the way, for anyone, like myself, not conversant with the church lingo.
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So, I've been avoiding LJ like the plague lately in hopes of finishing my Nano story. The good news is, I hit 50k last night. The bad news is, I hit 50k because one of my characters became an aspiring writer and started writing her OWN stories in the middle of my novel... so I hit 50k and still don't have anything approaching a completed plot. Lovely. Anyway, having hit the mark, I decided to take a break this morning. Checked LJ and look what I found! Guess it was my week. Now I need to post these, along with about 50 Viggo Mortensen icons I made while my net was being insane before the sun was up this morning. (Yep, sleepless as usual. Go me.) Oh, and like an assortment of icons I made last week while procrastinating...forgot those...heh.

For the two hours of sleep I did get, I had some weird dream that all of the typoteers were helping SG-1 on a mission, but it was so strange I don't know if I can explain it. The funny thing is, the typoteers all appeared as one of their RP characters' actors, but I looked like someone I've never seen.

Nerca was Myr, Jess was Kayla, Jase was Jasyn from Andromeda, James was Kael, I think. Jo was Gigi, and Sarah was Coria. Oh, and Fate was Atra, for some reason, not one of her RP chars, I forgot that.

We were trying to go back in time and save Sha're, I think. Why Sam was okay with this, I have no idea but she wasn't saying anything about messing up the timeline or anything. I also don't know what season it was, because Jack was leading the team, but it was Jack the way he looks now, not like Jack the way he did back in the early seasons. Anyway, Tanith was there, and we were chasing him around a mothership for a while, and then Jacob said we had to put the ship on "stealth mode". So all of us typoteers were like, "What? There's no such thing as stealth mode on a mothership!"

So, Jacob goes, "Watch," and he pulls down some big lever that appears out of nowhere, and suddenly we're not on a spaceship, we're on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean and Jack is like "the captain". So, the reason we need to put the ship on steath mode is that there are Goa'uld pirates chasing us on jet-skis. Well, all the sudden there's like this forcefield around the ship, and it rolls over, so it's like bottom-up in the water, but somehow we're all still in it, and it's moving, so we're staring a the ocean floor going, "OMG, it's a submarine! That's so cool!" and then I woke up.

Anyway, I'll be starting to catch up on my flist over the rest of this week and next. I apologize if I've missed anything big while I've been hiding in my writer-hole.
Icons to follow.

Oh, I'm probably going to icon a couple of Aruna's Zhaan vids today. My brain seems to love Zhaan despite my never having actually watched a single episode of Farscape. *facepalm*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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I have praise reports! Some of you all have been praying for my friend, Cindi's dad, Bob. I posted a while ago about his cancer and being sick from the chemo treatments. Well, he'd been feeling better lately and went to the doctor for tests and whatnot this past week. The huge tumor in his lung is GONE. Completely gone. YAY.

Also, news another friend's mom, who was having heart surgery this week. I got this email from my friend this morning.

...I have no
template as to how someone have an aorta and valve replacement is supposed to be
doing, but to my sister and I she seems amazing. Less than 48 hours after
the surgery, she is WALKING 80 feet at a time. She is sitting up, eating
meals, using the restroom, and the strongest thing she is taking for pain is

There had been a complication during the surgery that involved a small piece of the shunt that had been used breaking off inside her. There was concern that if it travelled to her brain, it would cause a stroke, but it appears to have passed out through the intestine.


Anyone been on the Nano site this morning? I'm sorry for not reading the people's exerpts that I know were put up yesterday. The site was just ridiculously slow every time I went to get on.

I had a whole flashback appear yesterday that wasn't in my outline and was completely unplanned. Love stuff like that.
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This man deserves a round of applause, people. I hate politics in general. You'll rarely ever see me post anything political here, but I couldn't resist this.

In Limbaugh's world, "there never was a surplus" under President Clinton. AIDS "hasn't made that jump to the heterosexual community," and cutting food stamps is harmless because recipients "aren't using them." Two years ago, Limbaugh said the minimum wage was $6 or $7 an hour. Last year, he said gas was $1.29 a gallon.

Brain Disease: The Psychosis of Rush Limbaugh.
By William Saletan
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Well, I'm pleased and quite surprised to announce that my Nanowrimo outline is done. In fact, it was done several days ago. The first half was a real pain, but the second flew by in a few hours. I'd planned on having to take at least three more days on it than I actually did. It seemed like the first half was more problematic because I needed to establish the conflict and figure out what was going to be done to resolve it. The second half, basically, was the resolution, so it was more straightforward. I confess. I did actually write a plot point that said "They go to the museum and fight Sofia and win." I'm sure I'll bemoan the fact that I didn't write more later, but I find it impossible to stage out fight scenes ahead of time. I hate fight scenes in general. lol.

With the outline being finshed and me having spent the last 4 or so nights with serious insomnia again, I am offering fair warning to you, my dear flist. There is a massive (and I do mean massive) icon dump coming. You guys know how big my usual icon posts are? Well, this is bigger. Much, much bigger.

Fandoms/subjects include:

  1. Stargate: SG-1

    • COTG

    • Thor's Chariot

    • Nemesis

    • Rite of Passage

    • The Curse

    • The Pegasus Project

    • Text icons

    • Daniel icons: With Text

    • Daniel icons: Textless

  2. Stargate Atlantis

    • Coup d'Etat

    • Text icons

  3. Battlestar: Galactica

    • Bill Adama

  4. Cartoons

    • Bugs Bunny

    • Lady and the Tramp

    • Road Runner

    • Scooby Doo

    • She-Ra

    • ThunderCats

    • X-Men: Evolution

    • X-Men: TAS

    • The Wonder Twins

  5. Miscellaneous

    • Definition text icons

    • The Redemption of Gurad Fayne text icons

    • Famke Janssen and Alexis Bledel

Anyway, it's going to take me a while to post all that, so while you're all waiting to have your friends' pages innundated, more reasons why I love my grandpa under the cut.

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So, last night my net died, came back up for a few minutes, then died again, came back, died. Then this morning it's fine again. It's like Daniel.

The weird thing was that it happened at like exactly the same time as it happened the night before. I'm sensing the typoteers...consider this my possible-vuss in case it happens tonight. I probably won't mess around with it again if it does; I'll just go to bed and wait for it to be fine in the morning. Again.
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OMGOSH!!! My net randomly died last night. I was online talking to James, got up to get yogurt (Bryers blueberry fruit on the bottom, if anyone cares) got back and had no connection. Spent like two hours doing everything I knew to make it work and figured I'd have to call tech support in the morning. Seems to be working now...thank GOD...but if I suddenly disappear and no one sees me over the weekend, that would be why.
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Oh, lookie...I've officially lost my mind, guys. *hops*

Oh, and btw, I'm on as Lionchilde. Check out the profile?
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*sigh* the A/C guy is finally gone. I've been waiting for him all day and then they get here, and somehow my window screen is broken or something, so they have to go get a new one. Then they finally get back to take the stupid A/C out and the guy starts telling me his life story...

Anyway. New layout by [ profile] stargatefangurl *points* *hops* Thanks, Jess. Note the True King in the header. *huggles Aslan*

My brain came up with banners for my vampire story last night. Only a few people will actually have a clue what they're all about, but *shrug*. We can thank [ profile] cha_aka for inspiring me to dust off Gurad again. Her marvelous original fic, Definition, which is completely unrelated, btw, has somehow caused a re-emergence of a character who's been hanging around in my brain for something like fifteen years.

I am telling you, dear flist. I haven't gone out of my way to read anything about vampires in years and I love Definition. You must. read. this. story. You'll find it here:

Definition Part 1// Definition Part 2

My own vampire story is in a rather plotless stage, so I am now going to ramble about it, trying to help myself. I'll cut for those who don't care. Writers out there...heh. I wouldn't mind some imput/feedback if you have time. I hate the plotless stage.

Okay, concept. I dont' have superpowers. I can't pick up a guy twice my size and throw him through a wall. )

But, it's a start anyway...

Oh, those banners I mentioned.

Daniel as a vampire?'s Remiel... )
Sarah says Remiel doesn't look quite vampiric enough in the Gurad one. *sigh* The others are pretty good though. Yes, I did use Jessica Biel as Nilla. No, the story is not a Blade Trinity fanfiction. It has nothing to do with the Nightstalkers. Nilla's not even a vampire hunter. The actress just worked.

Also, on a completely unrelated note. Got this link from [ profile] nekkidchick. Light A Million Candles. Child abuse of any kind is a sensitive subject for me. I always kind of wince whenever anyone well-meaning sends me links, but I liked this. Think I'll end up putting it on my sidebar. It only takes a second, guys. Go light a candle.
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Happy birthday to my dear Teddibear

Alas, the story is obviously not done, so I've scoured my pic stores for you instead. We shall have to continue your birthday when the story gets written. lol.

More cake? )
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FLAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!


...and for anyone who doesn't know what that means...

Guess you'll just be totally confused.

You do rock, baby!
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OMG! I love my Grandpa!!!! LOOK WHAT HE SENT ME!!!

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Credit for this lovely piece goes to [ profile] lotrjunkie009. Feel free to snag.
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Prayer Request

Short and sweet. My friend, Cindi's dad has cancer and recently underwent his last round of chemo and radiation. He's now back in the hospital with an extremely high fever. I don't have any real news yet, as I just found out, but prayers would be appreciated for the whole family. Cindi lives far away from her family, and she's also concerned about finding the $ for plane fare etc if things don't improve.

Thanks, guys.
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I have none. :( Need some. Mainly for Rediscovered Hearts. Once I get done with what I'm doing, all I need is the apartment thing, the wedding, and one final closing story to finish the series. Of course THIS is when the muse goes on vacation.

On a brighter note, today is my mom's birthday. Yay. Happy Birthday, Mom!
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ugh. Is it just me or is it like incredibly rude to call someone at 5:28 AM and then NOT leave a message. Because of course, by the time I had dragged myself out of bed, the individual in question had hung up the phone. Can't sleep now. Good morning, my dear flist...

So, since I can't sleep. A while back, I had to answer the question "What does the Gospel mean to you?" I have a very simple answer.

under here for those who don't care )

What? You were expecting something theological?
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Today is my sister's birthday! Can't believe she's 23...that's like insane. I don't know if I'll talk to her tonight or not, so...

Happy Birthday Janice

This really isn't my day. Don't know if it's the heat or what, but my foot is acting up and I can't concentrate on ANYTHING. Also this is the second time I've tried to post this. LJ ate it the first time, and there still seems to be something wrong with my tags...which I'm too hot to figure out at the moment.

Anyway, Tim is supposed to decide about his knee surgery today, so I need to call him later and find out what's going on with that, but before I do I want to get these requests up. I've got icons requested by four people and wallpapers requested by two, plus a few other icons I did just because I liked the picture.
I've been in the mood to do wallpapers lately, so after [ profile] nerca_beyul joined [ profile] wall_a_day I decided to as well. Started making walls the day I made a claim, but for various reasons that I won't get into, I won't be taking the challenge. Today, however, I did at least manage finish all the wallpapers that people had requested over the weekend, so I have those too.

25 multifandom icons

Sayid requested by [ profile] jades_icons
Jack O'Neill requested by [ profile] meneleth
Mara Jade Skywalker requeted by [ profile] aruna7
Sam Carter/Sam and Jack
The Tribe requested by Profsilverback
Wonder Woman
Jocelyn Wildenstien requested by Profsilverback (no, I don't know why...)

Five Wallpapers

Mara Jade Skywalker requested by [ profile] aruna7
Shane requested by [ profile] nekkidchick and I spelled it right! Go me!

Show me the pretties, Pretty Please... )

...argh.... ok, Imageshack officially sucks. I've reuploaded the walls to a different host so the thumbnails actually go to the images now instead of the main imageshack page. That's the second time imageshack has done that to me this week. Am I cursed or what?
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It's raining. In fact, it's been bloody raining all week. Tammy wanted me to go to the movies with her and "the boy" tonight, but I'm waiting on a call from Sarah. *Hopes* Meanwhile, I've been bored, and the boredom has, for once, led to productivity.


Boy, the variation monster has apparently taken over my brain.

I have some D/V icon variations by request [ profile] martyfan and [ profile] aruna7, some Ronon icons and their variations, and some Ronon wall variations because my variation monster seems to have also been bitten by a Runner bug.

I used the above textures for [ profile] aruna7's icons, too, even though I already posted a bunch of examples of this texture set using Sam/Jack. They just seemed to work. Still haven't quite managed purple, but I'm happier with them than the last ones. I made a more purplish one, but it looked like Danny had an allergic reaction to alien grapes or something.

The walls are 800x600. I almost never make that size, as I have a gargantuan monitor, but I'd noticed that it seems to be neglected, and I do know some people that actually have screens that small still. So... from me to you. Happy Unbirthday.

Show me the pretties...pretty please... )


You asked for it, you got it! As a result of my latest fic spree and some help from the typoteers on IM, those following Rediscovered Hearts get to find out what happened to Daniel...eventually...

First, however, we have to check in with Vala and co. Yes, dear must continue to be patient. And if you skip ahead, you'll not only risk being confused later, but I will know...and I might just experience sudden writer's block. :p

Title: Arthur and Lancelot
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: AU Jack ponders his relationship with Sam while maintaining awkward silence with Martouf...
Rating: PG for implied violence toward the end

Length: 476 words
Pairing: Sam/Jack and a bit of Daniel/Vala implied
Genres: Drama, maybe a bit angsty

A/N: Continues the Rediscovered Hearts series from Jack and Vala's perspective after White Knights. Ancilliatory to Trapped.

Arthur and Lancelot )

So, now that we know Jack and Vala are still on the way...

Title: Time
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: AU Time is running out for Daniel, and Jade makes a choice.
Rating: PG-13 for Dannywhumping

Length: 964 words
Pairing: Daniel/Vala implied
Genres: Angst/Drama

A/N: Continues the Rediscovered Hearts series. Picks up from Daniel and Jade's perspective after Trapped.

Time )

You may be wondering by now exactly what the history is between Vala and Brannen. Or you may think you know. Here's a little glimpse. Find out how close you were:

Title: Running
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: AU Vala had run...and now Brannen had Daniel...
Rating: PG-13 for violent content

Length: 417 words
Pairing: Daniel/Vala implied
Genres: Angst/Drama

A/N: Continues the Rediscovered Hearts series. Picks up from Vala's perspective after Arthur and Lancelot and Time posted above.

Running )

And now one final effort for the week...returning to Sam, Teal'c and Cam's POV. I hope I've sufficiently atoned for the cliffhanger now. ;)

Title: The Difference Between
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: AU We're not just going to leave him...
Rating: G

Length: 589 words
Pairing: Daniel/Vala implied
Genres: Drama

A/N: Continues the Rediscovered Hearts series. Picks up from SG-1's perspective after Arthur and Lancelot and Time; ancilliatory to Running posted above.

The Difference Between )

Personal ramblings...

I don't do this often, but I'm feeling rather nostalgic and sentimental today.

Under a cut for anyone who doesn't care. ;) )


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