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Title : What's Worth Being Here
Music : The song is "Live to Tell The Tale" by Nightwish
Fandom : Proof of Life
Summary : Peter Bowman's kidnapping throws him and Terry Thorne into parallel struggles...
Links : Filefront| Youtube|Megavideo
Notes: Youtube is still blocking this one. Grrr.

Title : More Than A Dream
Music : The song is "Walking In The Air" by Nightwish
Fandom : Superman
Summary : Sometimes Lois thinks she's dreaming...
Links : Filefront| Youtube| Megavideo
Notes: Footage is from the Reeve movies, not Superman Returns. I'm old school. ;) Once again, YouTube blocked this one.

Title : You Reign
Music : The song is "You Reign" by MercyMe
Subject : The Gospel of John
Summary : "Truly, Truly, I say to you. Before Abraham was, I Am."
Links : Megavideo.| Youtube| Filefront
Notes : My grandparents taught me about Jesus when I was young, but the road to my adult decision to serve him was long and difficult. This is for him and for the people who set my feet on that path. The gospel footage comes from The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John, directed by Philip Saville and starring Henry Ian Cusick as Jesus. It's my understanding that Mr. Cusick wrote a book about his experience playing this role, and that he will be portraying Jesus again in The Gospel of Mark. I really hope that whenever Luke is filmed, he'll do it again because I've seen just about every Gospel film ever made and he's one of (if not THE) best actors I've witnessed in this extremely difficult role.
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I just read an interesting article about Deepak Chopra's reaction to the upcoming Mike Myers film "The Love Guru." This quote stood out to me, and I think it holds true regardless of which faith we're talking about.

"It's a sign that your faith has become a cover up for all your insecurities because you can't even take a joke."

It's probably going to end up in my LJ profile someplace, and sooner or later some Ka'andesi will end up saying it in Land and Sky.
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Just went to check my email and caught this on Yahoo News. Can I get an AMEN?
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I found an interesting statement in this cool article I came across this morning. It seemed especially timely considering a conversation I just had last night with a friend of mine in which we were saying that while we both believe that the Bible is absolutely meant to be the final authority on any matter of import, it isn't supposed to be a compendium for the universe. The Vatican seems to consider the possibility of life on other worlds consistent with a Christian worldview these days. (I know, quite a change from the days of persecuting Galileo. The article mentions that too.) Perhaps more Protestant branches of the faith could take note and become a bit more open minded on the subject.

In other news, I have a full-blown migraine, and while that's nothing new, I noticed something a bit scary. I'd been sort of waiting for one. Not in self-defeating sense; I'm well aware of the idea that the power of suggestion or expectation of an acute pain episode can bring one on. Just in the sense that I know my body and I know that 6 months is the outside range of time between migraine episodes, and it's usually more like 5 months. The last one I got was on Christmas day--yay, Christmas migraines are the best! NOT. So for the past week or so I'd been wondering if I'd have one this month or if it'd show up in June. I clearly remember getting one just as I was in the middle of writing Anakin's fall in One Path, which was written in June last year. Anyway, so the aura started last night about 1:15 or so. After my usual initial reaction of "Oh, no. Here we go..." I was actually relieved. It was like "Well, at least now I don't have to keep waiting for it." Then I realize, "Geez, Dar. What does that statement say about the state of your sanity?"

Anyway, I'd planned to have some One Path posted when KJ's visit to Aruna is over, but now I anticipate another few weeks. I'm not going to feel like writing much this week, and the plan was to finish the current section and have Aruna read the chapters when she's back, so it'll have to be put off until the beginning of June most likely. Sorry, folks. I know it's been a long time.
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I had a really bad day yesterday, and no I really don't want to talk about it. What I want talk about is something more important. I guess it doesn't really matter to me if anyone wants to read it or not, and if I offend you, I apologize.

A friend sent me a link to a video yesterday. It's a beautiful piece of songwriting, and the vocal harmonies are just honestly peaceful and lovely. The link is here if anyone wants it:

It got me thinking, but I'll cut for anyone who doesn't care.

Sometimes, when I look at the world around me, all I see is darkness. I don't mean to make some kind of cultural commentary. I'm not here to get on soapbox because I'm Christian and talk about how people who don't happen to believe what I do about Jesus should somehow be compelled to think and act like me.

Um yeah, and the cut works now. )
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This is it, guys. Right here. This is the point. At least for me. Forget about all the debate over doctrine, forget the legalism, forget what you did or didn't do or say or think. Also, for those of you who missed the 80s...please forget about the makeup and the godawful pyro effects. This is what He came for.

I'd forgotten how much I love Sheila Walsh.


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