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Okay, I have been in a ROTTEN mood for the last like four hours. I do not like being in a bad mood. Therefore, I bring holiday gifts early to put myself in a good one. Hehehe. Whichever holiday you celebrate this time of year, I wish you all the best and richest blessings.

1-6 for [ profile] stargatefangurl
7-12 for [ profile] j_michael_b
13-50 for [ profile] nekkidchick (only because I kept using the same flippin cap...White T-shirt!Dean!!!! *bouncy guy*)
50-56 for [ profile] nerca_beyul
57-63 for [ profile] falling_more
64-69 for [ profile] teddibear
70-75 for [ profile] aruna7
76-81 for [ profile] cha_aka
82-87 for [ profile] literarylitany
88-93 for [ profile] rants_by_james

These folks are people I know well enough that I had no trouble identifying a fandom. I know most of you all share at least one fandom with me, which is probably how you ended up on my flist, but I wasn't sure what to make for anyone else, not to mention the fact that my flist has grown considerably. So, for those I don't know as well, I'd still be glad to do some pretties for you. Comment here or on my request post and let me know what you'd like.

Happy Holidays )
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Icon post # 1 for the day.

20 Bill Adama

Don't Frak With the Old Man )

7 Miscellaneous Actresses (Alexis Bledel and Famke Janssen)

Girl Power )

8 SG-1: Rite of Passage

Shippiness this way )

32 SG-1: CotG

Innocent Love )

37 SG-1: The Curse

My parents are home... )


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