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These are rather long overdue but anyway here they are.


97 Transformers Generation 1

Thundercats, various episodes about 110 icons in each post.

Post 1| Post 2| Post 3| Post 4| Post 5 | Post 6

177 The Adventures of Robin Hood (The Errol Flynn Movie)

158 Ducktales

274 Beastmaster split into two posts
Post 1|Post 2

516 Aeon Flux split into four posts

Post 1| Post 2| Post 3| Post 4

288 3 Ninjas split into two posts

Post 1| Post 2

I did all of season 3, the remaining season 2 that I hadn't iconned yet and a smattering of season 4. Too many to post episode names because it takes longer to type them. here is an episode guide if you're looking for a specific post by episode name. I was having net problems when I posted the season 3 icons and it actually became more problematic to break the episode posts up than to post really big tables. So, I apologize but some of the posts are not in any way even close to being dial-up friendly.

LOOOOOONG Links list under here )

8 large SW graphics of various types (OT and PT)


Title: My Hands Are Open
Chapter Title: N/A
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: Aphrodite is a secret Xena/Ares shipper.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff/humor
Pairings/Characters: Xena/Ares
A/N:Written for [ profile] stargatefangurl as a birthday present. This is the first attempt at a Xena fic that I've made since before I got married. (Gosh, almost 10 years ago? Geez...) I've had mixed feelings about Herc/Xenaverse in recent years due to certain experiences associated with my ex, and this used to be a lot easier for me to write. I really loved this show once, though, and I'd like to get over the issues, so I decided to give it a shot. I'm really not 100% sure on my characterizations because it's been so long since I tried to write in the fandom. It's set like late season 2-early season 3, so there is no Eve at this point. Concrit is welcome, but please try to be nice about it. Credit for the idea goes in part to [ profile] literarylitany.

here on [ profile] so_out_of_fic.

Title: Vader's Cat
Chapter Title: Chapters 1-11
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: Vader's adventures as a pet owner
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor
Pairings/Characters: Vader and Cat
A/N: Older chapters have been moved because the series was getting too long for a single post. It now has its own link table

here on [ profile] so_out_of_fic.

Title: Enchanted
Chapter Title: (1) The Birth of the Prince and (2) Shine
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: Padme tells Anakin another story to help him sleep on his first night on Naboo.
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Pairings/Characters: Obidala, Anakin Skywalker
A/N: These are short and they go together, so I'm doing something I don't normally do on this community and posting the whole cycle in one post.

I had a request a while back from [ profile] darthsindle specifically using the "Once Upon a Time" prompt. [ profile] polgarawolf asked for another fairy tale. I'd planned to do more like this, as well as to do some actual re-writes of fairytales using Star Wars characters, so since Sarah needed to be cheered up, I have decided to post this now. There is a third installment where Padme tells the ENTIRE story over for Obi-Wan's family, so you will eventually get to find out where Yoda is. That won't actually get written until I've been able to really introduce Obi's family within the context of Land and Sky Episode II, so I tried hard to make this a complete, emotionally satisfying little piece as it stands. Also, she knows there's no such thing as a jazzberry and so do I, so no one has to tell me. I have not forgotten the other people to whom I owe requests. Thanks for your patience with it; things have not been cooperative for a while, but I have everyone's requests recorded and I know what I'm doing.

"The Saga of the Red Knight" which is quoted for Inalia's epigraphs, is a sort of mix of three fairytales: Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast. I planned for Inalia to write the story herself at some point within the telling of Episode III, but out of all the fairytales we've talked about using in this story, I think the Red Knight thing is my favorite. I really wanted to include it in this story somehow, because in my head the stories that Padme tells here are linked with the stories her daughter tells later, so I sort of cheated and found a way to do so.

"Loch Etive" by Mychael and Jeff Danna is one of my favorite Celtic instrumental pieces. (Land and Sky loves Celtic music; she won't be written to anything else.) In the opening of the song there's an actual recording of the natural sounds Padme and Obi-Wan are hearing in "Shine." I don't really feel like I did an adequate job of describing it, but I thought perhaps some of you would be interested in knowing about the musical aspect.

Oh. One more thing. My original vision for this story was that Qui-Gon died saving the baby and became the equivalent of the fairy-godmother. Given the context in which Padme's telling the story and how soon it was after Qui-Gon's death in the AU, I didn't think that would be appropriate for her story. So, when I get around to those actual re-writes I mentioned, it probably WILL be Qui-Gon as the fairy-godmother rather than the person it turns out to be here.

here on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

Title: Star Wars Poetry
Chapter Title: Various-not listing them all here because I'm lazy.
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: Two posts of Star Wars poetry, some relating to Darth Vader, mostly taking place in my Land and Sky AU.
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Pairings/Characters: Obidala, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
A/N: These were written for various challenges; this post is long, so I'm cutting my usual list of communities. They can be found on the original posts.

here and here on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

Title: One Path
Chapter Title: 157-180
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: The completion of One Path's version of The Empire Strikes Back
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/General
Pairings/Characters: Kenobis; lots of em.
A/N:Takes place during an alternate The Empire Strikes Back.

One Path: The Prequel Trilogy Chapters
One Path: The Original Trilogy Chapters Part 1
One Path: The Original Trilogy Chapters Part 2
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Update Notices


Stuff related to Bloodkin is now linked here

Check out This Post if you care what Bloodkin is.

There is a new One Path chapter up on [ profile] shipper_asylum.

Title: One Path
Chapter Title: Chapter 156
Author: Lionchilde
Summary: The future of the Jedi Order hinges on decisions made now.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/General
Pairings/Characters: Kenobis; lots of em.
A/N:Takes place during an alternate The Empire Strikes Back. Written for [ profile] fic101: Prompt #20: Brother; [ profile] mission_insane Unthemed Table 5 #6 Breathless


This will be the last update until Aruna is back online.

I've decided that link tables for icon posts take too long given current time constraints. I might start doing them again this summer. Of course I still have to break my icons into multiple posts by episode, so I'm going to list them by episode name. Apologies to anyone who isn't familiar with the ep names. It's the only practical way I can think of.

Posts contain an average of 160 icons apiece

Absolute Power Post 1
Absolute Power Post 2
Absolute Power Post 3

Abyss Post 1
Abyss Post 2



Frozen Post 1
Frozen Post 2

Grace Post 1
Grace Post 2

Shadow Play

Smoke and Mirrors Post 1
Smoke and Mirrors Post 2

The Changeling Post 1
The Changeling Post 2

The Cure



Where Silence Has Lease
Elementary, Dear Data
The Outrageous Okona
The Schizoid Man
Loud As A Whisper
Unnatural Selection
A Matter of Honor
The Royale
The Icarus Factor Post 1
The Icarus Factor Post 2
Q Who
The Samaritan Snare

All Our Yesterdays
Is There In Truth No Beauty
Journey To Babel Post 1
Journey To Babel Post 2

Other stuff

Reading committee now consists of:

[ profile] nekkidchick who doesn't have to read it but is on the list in case she wants to since she's been reading my stuff since the stone age. :P
[ profile] aruna7
[ profile] ladybeth
[ profile] thrace_adams
[ profile] cha_aka
[ profile] literarylitany
[ profile] nicole9514
[ profile] alterangirl
[ profile] stargatefangirl
[ profile] lucil_luzzu
[ profile] nrgbunny
[ profile] polgarawolf
[ profile] texasgent
[ profile] janetlin
[ profile] profsilverback
[ profile] telana_kiarr
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I had a minor mental/emotional meltdown recently. Coped by making a ton of icons. I had intended to finish season 1 of TNG, but I didn't realize that my monitor's slow death had also resulted in odd color problems. I made it to 1x13 before the monitor actually died. When I got my new one, I noticed that many of the icons were either very red or very white. I weeded through and tried to salvage what I could of the batches, but what I ended up with was a mixed bag of s1 icons, and I'm not in the mood to make a second attempt at full episodes.

I also did some icons of some random scenes from later seasons of TNG, a lot from "The Child" which is one of my all time favorite TNG episodes. Then I decided that I might as well DO the episode, so rather than dupicate scenes, I did an episodic batch MINUS the scenes I'd already done. Bit disorganized but oh well.

I am also undergoing an obsession period with Worf/K'Ehleyr so I iconned "The Emmissary" and "Reunion". Probably going to have to do some Worf/Jadzia, soon, too.

I did a few TOS eps...The Apple, by request of [ profile] cha_aka and I Mudd and Mudd's Women, personal faves of mine. More to come.

I am still not entirely pleased with the coloring on my Star Trek sets, which means I will be inundating you with Star Trek whenever I post icons for a while. These are decent. The TNG s2 are the best, but none of it completely satisfies me.

Thanks to my new boxset, my inspiration for Stargate seems to be re-awakening. So, I have a couple new sets of SG-1/SGA icons too. Kind of mashed it together into one post because it wasn't really big enough to be worth posting separately.

And finally, an assortment of Herc/Xenaverse, also mashed together into a single post.

55 Xena/Herc

155 SG-1/SGA

85 The Apple

153 I Mudd, Mudd's Women

166 various s1
166 The Battle
144 The Loss--post 1
145 The Loss--post 2
121 The Child
105 The Emmissary--post 1
105 The Emmissary--post 2
105 Reunion-- Post 1
105 Reunion--Post 2
117 Random TNG


Jul. 15th, 2007 11:45 pm
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I said a while ago that I was going to icon TNG s1, but I've been struggling with coloring. So, I started, but I'm still not sure how good these are.

Where No One... )


Jul. 1st, 2007 11:40 pm
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I said a while ago that I was going to icon TNG s1, but I've been struggling with coloring. So, I started, but I'm still not sure how good these are.

Where No One... )


Jul. 1st, 2007 10:34 pm
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Still trying to get the hang of coloring TNG. Random TNG iconage here, trying something new.

Where No One... )
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Encounter at Farpoint.
Did most of these between 2 and 4 this morning, so if they're a bit off, that would be why.

Also, Trekcore's server is apparently very wonky. It took quite some time to get each of these caps to load, to the point that I may not do the season as I planned. It's not my net, because I was browsing caps last week and the same thing happened only on this site. I'm going to see if I have a less irritating cap source for TNG somewhere, but I can't remember. Anyone know of a good one?

75 Under the cut.

Where no one has...yeah, yeah, Picard. We know already... )
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First post of the weekend. More are, as Scar would say, "Be Prepared." Extra teasers so I can find what I'm looking for later. Heh.

[01-09] Michael Shanks
[10-12] Star Wars
[13-24] Bloodkin (Sophia Myles, Jensen Ackles, Text)
[26-38] Star Trek: TNG

Pretties )
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YAY! It's my birthday. Can't sleep. Surprise, surprise. I'm also an idiot and don't know how to read, apparently, since I just hit "Update" instead of "Preview" with only like one section of icons posted. Meh. So, this would be attempt #2 at making this post. I deleted the other, hopefully, before any of the other insomniacs caught it.

Anyway. The good news for me is that I got two more months paid time from [ profile] nekkidchick for my birthday. Gawrsh, I'm spoiled, aren't I? *g*

The good news for YOU, dear flist, is that I have been occupying my sleepless night with iconnage. The typoteers will understand why these go together, but for the rest of you...well... it doesn't really matter. Most are textless, so you won't be all that confused.

As far as I remember, these are my first ever Trek icons. Woo! 43 Star Trek: TNG (Will/Deanna; Thomas/Deanna) or, if you prefer, Kestry and Daiel. All really simple, but I love the way they came out.

Imzadi )

More Truen, who will be known to most of you as Adam Wade. 61 total. Some are simple, some are not, and some are variations. I figured the subject matter would be appealing enough that no one would mind.

X marks the spot )

KC RPers have told me more than once that Jaen's spoiled Smallville because they can't watch Tom Welling without thinking "It's Jaen!" So, some of these actually SAY Jaen this time. I couldn't resist. Feel free to snag the textless or "hero" ones though.

Don't call me SUPERBOY! )

Jennifer Garner, aka Gigi, who's last name is...well...different, depending on what year it is. :P 21 total; some are variations.

Pretties... )

Barry Watson of Seventh Heaven fame...otherwise known as Ethan Nathe. 31 total; some variations I think.

When did you fall... )

Oh, and I almost forgot. Sense and Sensibility icons, which have nothing to do with the above posted ones but I love the movie. 28 total. I have a small set of John and Fanny. I hate John and Fanny, but I was inspired to icon them so I did. Then I have Some of the girls and Edward's thrown in somewhere too. I love Elinor. I think it has to do with the whole oldest sibling thing. Heh. Anyway, shutting up now and on to the icons. Oh. No, I'm not shutting up yet. Yes, I will do Willoughby at some point. Promise. *g* And Colonel Branden too, because he can't be ignored. It's really bothersome to me that he's Snape and I still love him so much... Okay, shutting up now.

I greatly esteem him )

+Rules, Disclaimer, Resource and image credits can be found here
+Comments encourage more goodies
+Credit is up to you
+Make a request here

Okay...done. I think I may be able to sleep now. Few things are more boring than making big long icon posts. Hope everyone enjoys. I'll post to comms later if I'm on today. May get dragged on a birthday adventure of some kind. If so, see everyone Monday.


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